By The Light Of The Moon

I had always been warned to stay away from that house on the hill.  Some people said there was a crazy lady there…others said the people raised very large dangerous dogs.  So I knew it was occupied but also not safe…there were strange things up there I was told…nasty creatures that would bite.   But being curious as I was I couldn’t stay away no matter what the consequences.  As I walked up the hill I noticed the moon…it was full & bright, illuminating the house in front of me.  It was only 8pm…there were 3 cars in the driveway but no lights anywhere coming from inside.  I slowly walked up the steps leading to the porch…it was a large house with a big wrap-around porch and lots of chairs out front.  I could picture a family gathering there just visiting & relaxing….but not tonight.  I pressed my face to the window…I could make out shapes of the furniture but there was no movement.  I walked around the porch to the side of the house…that’s when I saw him.  He stood at the end of the porch…he looked to be just a bit taller than me but was hunched over. I took one step forward accidentally stepping on a twig…he turned his head slowly & stared at me.  The light from the moon had moved and I could see him clearly… I knew immediately what he was…always heard stories just never imagined I would see one.  He had the appearance of a large dog…a German Shepherd maybe but much more hairy.  His eyes were bright red and his tongue lolled as he panted.   He turned & walked toward me on his hind legs…I was frozen…fascinated & terrified.  He stood in front of me and raise to his full height.  I tried to scream but nothing came out…it was then I found my feet, turning & trying to run but he grabbed me by the shoulder.   I felt his claws sink into my skin and then he spoke…”Finally!” he said “Fresh meat!”  He lifted me off the ground and as I felt his teeth sink into my neck draining my lifeblood I realized I should have heeded the warnings, but it was too late now.


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