Waking up that morning he groaned at the alarm clock, knocking it off the table.  He felt like he’d been hit by a truck…he didn’t remember ever drinking as much as he had the night before.  But he’d also never been in so much pain.

Just another ordinary guy…or so it seemed.  Very few knew his secret…there weren’t many in his life he’d been able to trust even in childhood.  He’d had few friends growing up…no serious relationships.   He was always cautious before revealing his true self to anyone…and after what had just happened he doubted he’d ever trust anyone again.

Thinking back to the day before he felt a deep ache in his chest.  They had been together for almost 2 years before he felt comfortable enough revealing himself to her fully, but it had not gone as well as he had hoped.  In the time they’d been together he had fallen for her…he’d never been with one woman as long as this and hoped she’d been the one he’d be with forever.   He had prepared her for it as much as he could but during the transformation she had fainted…he held her in his arms as she woke up but when she saw him she screamed & pushed him away.  Sitting on the floor crying she said she would need time to think about this, but he could tell from the look in her eyes it was over.  He’d dealt with rejection his entire life but this was too much.  He became angry, knowing he’d allowed himself to get too close to her and feeling the pain deep inside.   He was always in control but the anger could make him lose it and at that moment it happened.  He growled loudly as it began & her screams rang in his ears.  He lashed out blindly guided only by the frustration & pain.  Moments later when it was all over he found her cowering in a corner, bloody & bruised.  He fell on the floor in front of her in shame,  begging forgiveness & promising it would never happen again.  She looked at him with eyes full of fear…he knew she would never trust him again.  He offered to help her but she pulled away from him,  running to the bathroom to clean herself up.  It wasn’t as bad as he originally feared but it had been enough.   She had barely looked at him as she left and he was beside himself with grief & remorse.  He had never lost control that badly, but he had also never loved so deeply.

Walking around the apartment he began to pick up the things she’d left there, each one bringing back a now painful memory.  He fell to the floor sobbing, not knowing how he was going to deal with the hurt, when he heard a noise behind him.  She was standing in the doorway, staring at him with tears in her eyes.  She ran to him, falling on the floor beside him & taking him in her arms.  She said it would be ok, she would never leave him again, and looking into her eyes full of love & trust, no hint of the fear remained.   He held her close as the pain left his chest and he was able to breathe again.

werewolf 4

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