Date Night


She sat at the bar nervous & fidgeting not knowing what to expect.  She’d never had much luck with men but her friends told her this guy would be different.  Her best friend had set it up…saw his information online and knew he would be perfect for her.  She had said “His name is Marcus…he’s so handsome, well dressed, and into everything you like!”  As skeptical as she was she had agreed.  Figured why not give it a shot.  She’d been told to look for the guy in blue shirt & tie…no one like that had come in yet but as she looked around she saw him in the doorway.  He saw her immediately & smiled…in her mind she thought “NO FUCKIN WAY is this guy here for her…he’s WAY too hot!”  But he walked over to her, sat down & said “Hello Carolyn”…his voice was so deep & sexy!  He continued talking and smiling at her but she was in such a daze she couldn’t comprehend it.  All of a sudden he paid for her drink, took her hand & led her out the door, saying he wanted to be with her somewhere more private.  As he led her to his car a million thoughts ran through her mind.  He opened her door (such a gentleman!) then walked around & got inside.  He looked at her & smiled as he reached between the seat & pulled out his machete.  Her eyes widened as he raised the blade and the only words that came into her head were “Oh Fuck!”…

TOK 56

“The character Marcus is based on Matt Farnsworth’s character The Orphan Killer” All rights reserved”

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