depression 2

Why do I always feel

That whatever I do

or say

just isn’t good enough

Nothing seems right

No one’s ever really cared

or stayed to watch

My life just passes by

I’m always on the sidelines

Why should anyone care?

You tell me you love me

Are you lying?

How do I really know?

Would anyone really miss me?

I’m not special

I’m nothing


14 responses to “Insecurities

  1. I disagree. There is a little boy to whom you are the world, a man that you mean everything to, and your sisters & brothers that would hate to ever lose you. I disagree my sister. You aren’t nothing, you are everything. ❤

  2. Since we became family of the Dark ,I have to say I am proud to have you as my Sister 🙂 Hugs 🙂 AC x

  3. I think most of us – especially independent artists and creators – feel like this a lot. The key is to NOT believe it. We make ourselves vulnerable when we put our talents out there. Deep inside, we want people to love us for our talents. Just know that you are uniquely special and beautiful and you are the world’s gift. 🙂

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