The King’s Madness

matt 3

He knelt on the floor shaking His head

But the voices would not be silent

10 years ago they had left Him

Only recently had they returned

To torment Him day & night

Ever since His coronation

They had proved relentless in their quest

To drive Him mad

He surveyed the room

As He stood & took His seat

diane 1

The Queen looked worried

She knew the demons He dealt with

But she would never leave His side

He took her hand & smiled

Reassuring her with a kiss

Into the room walked their son

The Dark Prince

tok 2

Behind him the Army Commander

He loved His son

To their enemies he was a killing machine

Brutal & bloodthirsty

No emotion, no remorse

He was the perfect warrior

He worked side by side with the Commander

No army could defeat them

But word had come from the west

A new King had been crowned there

And was threatening war

Unless he was given the Princess as his bride

dark princess 1

The voices screamed at Him

She was already betrothed to the Samurai

Who had aided His army in the beginning

He could not break that contract

For He knew they truly loved each other

He shook His head

He would not give in to the demands

He would not give her up

But He did not want war

The voices cried out

They lusted for blood

But He pushed them away

He reassured the Princess

And had His word sent to the new King

It was not received well

Days later their soldiers came

They crept into the castle

In the silence of the night

And carried her away

kidnap princess

When the alarm sounded

He cried out in rage

As the voices screamed

He could no longer shut them out

The madness was taking control

He let it consume Him


When He awoke

He had never seen so clearly

madness 1

He smiled as He walked into the throne room

The Prince was waiting

The change in the King was evident

He gave the order

“We will bring the Princess back

And leave no survivors!”

The Prince smiled & nodded

This is what he does best

With the King & Commander beside him

They rallied the troops & rode out


Days later they came upon the castle

And the army waiting for them

The battle cry was sounded

The Dark Prince rode hard into their midst

They stood no chance against him

With his axe raised he began his slaughter


The troops by his side

The stench of fresh blood filled his nostrils

He reveled in it

This is what he was made for

Entering the castle with the King

They found it vacant

They searched all the rooms

Finding their way to the dungeon

They found the new King there

With the Princess bound to the wall

The Prince seethed with anger

As the new King turned to face him

He brought the axe down

Not killing him

But cutting off his hand

He caught him by his hair

Threw him against the wall

Until he blacked out

He freed the Princess from her bonds

And released her to the King

The King’s madness flowed forth

He smiled at the Prince

And said “Do with him what you will my son”

He left the Prince there

Who wanted to stay just a while longer

And play

dark prince 2

“The character of the Dark Prince is based on Matt Farnsworth’s character The Orphan Killer” All rights reserved”

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