During a convo with a fellow Gruehead this weekend we came to the realization that sometimes things are just destined to happen.  That people are sometimes just meant to come together.

I can’t begin to describe the love I feel for all of you…my friends, TOKFamily & Grueheads.  I’ve come to care for you all even more than my real family sometimes.  You’ve all become so special to me & when I read about some of the things you have experienced & are still fighting it breaks my heart.  But I think it just brings us closer together.

I’ve said before I never felt accepted as a child in my home…always felt left out.  It was the same in my marriage.  I never felt like anything I did was good enough.  Not until I found you did I feel like I’d found a home & true acceptance.  No one judges me & I’ve never felt more comfortable expressing myself.  This new creative outlet I’ve found has helped me in so many ways.  I’ve never written anything before & had no idea I could.  I still have those moments of insecurity…sometimes I feel like what I do is just mediocre, not even worth posting.   I can’t help feeling this way…it’s just how I am but slowly I’ve gotten ok with putting myself out there & just hoping for the best.

We all have our own demons to fight but we will also stick up for each other no matter what.  When one of us is attacked in any way the rest rally behind them.  When one of my family hurts, I hurt.  Whey they are happy, I am happy too.  I have no idea why we were all thrown together…destiny maybe…fate…but I am so happy we are.  I fuckin love each & every one of you! {{BIG HUGS}}

11 responses to “Destiny?

  1. We stand together as one. A Family unit. We will laugh, cry and bleed together. Through those times we will learn, be supportive, heal and grow. So proud of you to have take this brave step forward.
    xox HUGS

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