Kindred Spirits

Our Keeper recently wrote a wonderful piece about FANTASY which has always been a big part of my world.  I always seemed totally at ease losing myself in a fantasy world as a child.  I had my iTunes on one day last week and this song came on…I’ve always had a specific fantasy associated with it ever since I first heard it in high school and now I can get it out.  I added a little to it but the core of the story is the same.  It’s not really long but sit back, listen & enjoy.

Merrill awoke to the pounding on his door. Opening it he discovered Owen, the town’s doctor, in a state of panic. His daughter Caitlyn had disappeared…he discovered her gone this morning. He was begging for help & being the town magistrate Merrill had his duty to investigate the incident. He quickly dressed & left with Owen towards his home. When they arrived Owen’s wife Krista and son Peter were talking excitedly. They hushed when the men entered the room. Merrill asked to see Caitlyn’s room…to see if he could find any evidence of foul play.  Her room was sparse & clean…he found no evidence of any struggle and nothing was missing.  The window was open…walking to the outside he noticed fresh footprints in the soil outside.  He was able to follow them briefly through the dirt until they disappeared into the field surrounding the house.  The field went on for miles before meeting a deep expanse of woods in the distance.  With Owen’s help he gathered some men together to start a search.

Caitlyn wandered through the field in a daze not knowing where she was going. She had no memory of leaving home. She remembered everything from the day before…church that morning, the afternoon picnic with her family, meeting Liam afterwards & going to bed that night. But everything after was a blur. She had no idea how long she’d been out or even where she was. The hem of her nightdress was covered in mud as were her bare feet. She found herself walking toward a small copse of trees, like she was being pulled towards it by an unknown force. As she reached the outer boundary she heard the sound of splashing coming from deeper inside. Slowly making her way inside she came out of the trees into a small glen, in the center of which was a pond of the most beautiful clear blue water. Looking around she noticed animals of all sorts at the edge of the pond. She was facing north, and on that end the bank rose over the edge forming what looked like a small seat. She walked over and sat there, leaning over the edge gazing at her reflection. She could see the shapes of the fish swimming there, even turtles. All of a sudden she felt a shift in the atmosphere…the animals were suddenly deathly quiet, the air felt still. She stood up looking around when she felt she was being watched. Turning around she saw him directly behind her, staring at her. He walked around down to the ponds edge, dipped his head down & took a long drink. The sunlight shown directly on him bouncing off his golden horn. She felt as though she was rooted to the spot & when he came back and stood in front of her she fell to her knees crying. He knelt down & stared into her eyes; she felt an instant connection as though he could see every thought & experience she’d ever had.  Laying his head in her lap she felt the tears flow & drop onto his snow-white skin. She felt as though they sat there for hours when he raised his head & stood up.  As he began to walk away he turned his head to her, met her gaze and she swore she heard a voice say “Come with me” and she smiled as she happily followed him into the woods.

The men rode hard through the field until they reached the woods.  It was hard making their way through the trees but after a while they came out upon the small glen.  The animals had disappeared…the air and water in the pond were still.  Merrill & Owen dismounted and walked around the bank until they saw the hoofprints going into the woods on the other side followed by bare footprints.  Assuming they were Caitlyn’s they followed them through the trees.

They had been walking all morning but Caitlyn wasn’t even tired.  As she followed him she felt a peace she had never known.  She still couldn’t remember how she got to the field earlier that morning but events from her life & the day before came flooding back.  Her father wasn’t a bad man but had a nasty temper…he could get angry very quickly and she had sometimes felt the brunt of it.  She’d hoped once she got older & settled things would change but he was still trying to run her life.  She had known for a while he wanted her to marry Liam, the son of the town’s magistrate.  He was handsome & well-liked but she had no feelings for him at all…honestly she had no interest in anyone in the town.  The day before Liam had come to ask for her hand…she told him she needed to think about it and he had left feeling she would agree.  That entire night she felt like she was trapped in the middle of something she couldn’t escape.  But she’d awoke from a strange dream she couldn’t remember…the next thing she knew she’d found herself wandering through the field.  They were now headed towards the mountains in the distance.  It was late afternoon and she felt if they kept up this pace they should reach them before nightfall when she heard something behind them.  Turning she saw the riders coming towards them…she noticed her father immediately & panicked.  She turned to the unicorn who whickered to her softly and with a motion of his head she knew what he was asking.  She ran to him & leapt onto his back as they rode towards the mountains.

As they came out of the woods Owen noticed a shiny glint in the distance ahead of them in front of the mountains.  Riding towards it he saw Caitlyn and another creature he couldn’t quite be sure of what it was.  As they got closer she saw them & ran towards the animal…he could see it looked like a white horse but there was something different about it.  It turned it’s head towards them and he almost stopped dead in his tracks as he was now fully aware of what he was seeing.  He saw her leap up onto it’s back and ride off quickly towards the mountains.  As he watched them he felt sure he would never see her again but he wasn’t going to give up so fast.

They rode hard into the mountains as it got darker.  Caitlyn kept looking behind them…she had seen the look on her father’s face & knew he wouldn’t give up.  Once they reached the base of the range he began to climb…he was very surefooted and never faltered.  Within moments they came upon a small plateau and she climbed down to look around.  The mountains got very steep & rocky…she wasn’t sure they’d be able to climb any more and began to worry they would be caught.  Looking back towards the woods she saw them reach the mountain’s base.   She could hear her father calling her and as she turned she noticed the unicorn with his head down…his horn was glowing and as she watched in amazement wings sprouted from his shoulders.  She smiled & hugged him as she jumped on his back…within minutes they were flying low over the group of men and she gave her father one last glance as they took off into the sky.  She had no idea where they were going but with him she would never be alone.

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