We Are One

madness 7

The madness is hungry

 It has a voracious appetite

 It hypnotizes you

 With pools of deepest blue

 Until you’re drowning

 Lost in it

 You come up for air

 Gasping for breath

 It pulls you back in

 A whirlpool

 madness 11

 Spinning out of control

 Drawing you in deeper

 You can’t fight any more

 It consumes you

 No pain


 Everything looks different


madness 10


 You’re not alone

 They welcome you

 Your brothers and sisters

madnesss 8

 The handsome Mad King

 His beautiful Cruel Queen

 The Brutal Prince

 We are Family

 Open your mind

 Bare your soul

 You must bleed

 Not many understand

 But here

 We are One

madness 8

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