sex 5

I dream of us together

Gazing into your eyes

Your hand touches my cheek

I close my eyes

As your lips find mine

Wrapping my arms around you

Pulling you closer

sex 12

Lips part

Tongues entwined

Clothing quickly discarded


sex 13

My tongue slowly explores

Every inch

Your heavenly scent

You’re so close to the edge

Not so fast

sex 14

Kisses down my neck

I feel the pull deep inside

As your mouth finds my breast

sex 10

Gasping & moaning

I open wide

As your fingers explore

Every fold

You move lower

And take a taste

sex 11

Arching my back

Grabbing the sheets

Juices flowing

You spread me wide

As you enter

sex 6


Meeting each thrust

I pull you in closer

My fingers dig into your back

sex 8

Pressure building



Our moment


Before I wake

sex 9

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