wedding 2

We wanted to be the perfect couple

Opposites attract is what they say

No one more opposite than us

I wanted to love you

Convinced myself I did


Fear of rejection & loneliness

You didn’t want it but

We said yes too quickly

It was a failure from the start

angry couple 1

Anger & resentment

Tempers flaring

Verbal torture

Took its toll

I wasn’t perfect either

I had my faults

You changed, I didn’t

You tried to tell me

But I wouldn’t listen

We grew apart til

Only friendship remained

Now it’s all we have

How did we survive so long?

25 years


boy at the beach

Our beautiful boy

The most important thing in the world

Will he be ok?

How will he take it?

We have to be strong

I’ve moved on

In a lot of ways

You’re dealing with it

In your own way


Saying goodbye

Will not be easy

It’s the only choice


goodbye 1

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