I know not everyone following my blog will be interested in this & you don’t have to read it but I wrote about my first meeting with Flanery on my previous blog so I figure I may as well post about this one.

My friend Micki & I had planned on meeting Flanery again in Nashville this past October…he originally wasn’t even coming to Austin but right before Nashville we found out he was gonna be there. We figured on going to both but I ended up not able to go to Nash so Micki went by herself. Of course her reviews about Flanery were enough to make me anticipate Austin even more LOL I hoped to meet Norman Reedus as well but since I didn’t have a VIP ticket I figured NO WAY that was gonna happen. Hoped to maybe get a glimpse.

DAY 1:

So Friday 11/22 came around and the weather was expected to be brutal…had already planned on taking a 1/2 day so we could get there early enough to pick up our wristbands. I was already on an emotional rollercoaster from other personal stuff and wasn’t in the best mood. Micki found out the weather was getting possibly worse over the weekend…we considered not even going but with all the crap I had going on I really really really needed this time away from everything. I considered even going alone but she was not gonna let that happen…and if we didn’t go and the weather DIDN’T get bad we’d have been kicking ourselves for not going. We decided to meet in Hillsboro, leave one car there and drive down together. It rained on me quite a bit and once we met up it kept going. Traffic was actually not so bad…we made it in better time than I thought. We’d booked a hotel in Round Rock…we got there, dropped off all our stuff, freshened up a bit just in case and headed to the convention center. It was right at rush hour so getting through downtown Austin was a nightmare…plus it was raining, dark & we had no idea where we were going. We found the convention center finally & the parking garage but getting into that proved a bit difficult as well. Once we did park, to get to the center we had to walk down an alley any serial killer woulda been totally at home hanging out in (Marcus??) plus it was cold…fortunately it wasn’t raining at that point & we were only a block from the center and it was REALLY warm inside. We found the ticket area and fortunately we were able to whip right in & out of that. Once we got inside the actual room where it was held & walked around a bit I was a bit shocked at how small it was. I’m not totally knocking it but compared to Texas Frightmare it was TEENY. I mean this was THE con…Wizard World…the one everyone always talked about. I just assumed it would have been much bigger. Anyway, we made our way to the celebrity area & found Flanery within a few minutes. We were amazed that Reedus wasn’t around…turns out he was only gonna be there Saturday & Sunday. It was around 7pm and we’d found some other friends Martha & December we were meeting up with…Flanery’s line wasn’t extremely long and we decided to just see if we could get through it before they closed at 8. Plus December & I had a question we needed to ask him…something we’d tried several times to get him to answer on Twitter but he never had.  Micki got this video of him dancing…it’s blurry & really short but…damn Flanery…

I snapped some pics while we were waiting for our turn.  I love this first one…he just turned at the right moment & noticed me with my phone and posed LOL

Flanery 1 Flanery 2 Flanery 3

There was a girl not far in front of us who was a BJJ student. She asked him for some tips & I got a few pics and a video of his demo…

Flanery 4 Flanery 5

So I decided to get a Devlin pic to have him sign…love that crazy Devlin! We finally got up there and I’m seriously trying to remember anything I said to him LOL it is so weird! He was being really funny & crazy the whole time.  We had overheard Gabby say earlier that he didn’t take his ADD meds that day LOL I don’t think he needs them…I like him just fine without.  So he looked at the pic & was saying “I love that dude he’s my adversary” and other stuff about Devlin. Just carrying on a whole convo with him as he signed the pic. Micki was taping this whole thing when we asked him our question…he laughed & said he couldn’t answer on camera so she stopped recording & told us the answer…it’s a secret & I’m not telling heehee but here’s that video…

Flanery 8

I’m just really glad we stopped by the hotel first & freshened up cuz it was time for a pic with him LOL

Flanery 7

Then I asked for a hug & he gave me that patented take-your-breath-away Flanery hug & squeeze. Of course I had to smell him again. I SWEAR Micki got something signed and a hug (maybe) but I can’t remember ANY of it LOL the Flanery pheromones were on overload. Since it was closing time we decided to leave & find food…all I’d had to eat all day was a Snickers and I was starving! We stopped at a Chick-Fil-A and then SuperTarget to pick up snacks & a few other things we needed for the next day. Got back to the hotel & got everything ready for tomorrow & day 2!

DAY 2:

Well I slept ok that night but Micki got like an hour of sleep. The con opened at 10 so once we got ready we headed out, got breakfast & headed toward the convention center. Once we got there I was VERY glad we got our wristbands the night before cause the line to get them that day was CRAZY insane. So of course we got in & found Flanery again as I was texting my other friend Miranda who we were meeting up with. We finally hooked up with her & her friend Katy…December was with us also & got in his line again.  Micki & I snapped a few pics of him while we were waiting…

Flanery 10 Flanery 11 Flanery 14Flanery 57 Flanery 58 Flanery 53

It wasn’t really long & once we got there he was talking to someone in front of us but noticed me & Miranda were wearing our Twempire shirts. He loved it and said something to us about it but I can’t remember what it was HAHA. He was talking to December…not sure what they were talking about but they were whispering lol

Flanery 54

Then she gave him her gift first…a Luby’s gift card which he LOVED!

Flanery 59 Flanery 60 Flanery 61

Flanery 12 Flanery 13

Then it was Miranda’s turn…she had him sign her Powder DVD and gave him her gift. It was in a really cool box and he was a bit apprehensive about opening it…here’s the video of that…

I got to him & had him sign my CD…he also signed my shirt…just reached over the table & signed right on my boob…I was like umm OK Flanery LOL wasn’t about to complain!

Flanery 51Flanery 50

Then I asked if he’d do a favor & call my friend Becca & bitch her out for not being there. He asked why she wasn’t there & I just said she lives in Ohio LOL Here’s the video of that call…

Then Micki gave him the gift we brought…a zombie killer Nerf gun, some extra ammo, silly string and some Reeses. He took the gun & stuff out of the bag & I don’t think he even noticed there was silly string & Reeses in the bag. He started ripping the box off the gun like a kid at Christmas! The sound is kinda off & it’s a bit blurry but here’s a video of that…

Then she asked him to call our friend Sunny who runs a FB page for him and he’s mentioned her in some of his videos. She didn’t answer but I got the call on video.

At one point there was a commotion behind us & we heard Rooker…He & Flanery started yelling “Tittie love” and Flanery started pointing at & pinching his nipples! It was hysterical!

Flanery 56

Then Miranda & I got our picture taken with him again…

Flanery 16

I asked for another hug which I got (YAY!!) and asked if I could kiss him on the cheek he said “Sure thing!” so I gave him a big smooch LOL he has really soft skin!  Miranda wanted a hug then…she’d never gotten one from him the first time she met him in May and he was happy to oblige!  As a matter of fact he started dancing with her and it kinda looked like he was humping her ROFL!  We couldn’t stop laughing!  Well it was about 12:30 by this time & we were starving…there was a pizza stand in the corner so we made our way over there to get something to eat. Once we got that we went up to the floor where his panel was going to be held at 2. We also needed to charge our phones so we found some outlets on the wall and sat eating while our phones charged. There weren’t many people waiting so we just hung out for a while. Once it got around 1-1:30 we went over to the room entrance to wait. We got in line…there wasn’t much of one yet when we found out we could just go in to whatever panel was being held & sit in. Once it began to clear we could move seats if there were any closer. So we went inside and got to sit in on Ralph Macchio’s panel. Being a big Karate Kid & Outsiders fan it was pretty cool…and that guy has not aged ONE BIT! They ended his right around 2pm and I was talking to Miranda when all of a sudden Flanery walked in. It was a bit weird as I assumed the moderator would come out & introduce him like they did with Ralph but there was no moderator. Oh well Flanery does just fine by himself he doesn’t need one LOL. It was all just classic Flanery with new stuff sprinkled in. We got some video of parts of the panel…this first one was the question I asked him…

This one he talks about why he did Dexter and includes a story about Donut (D to the O)

This one he talks about cheesecake, upbringing, ungrateful actors & Texas

here he talks about growing up in Louisiana & Texas, his granddaddy, BDS & Rocco

Here’s the end of the panel

Once the panel was over we made our way back down to the main floor. We could see the ticket area and were just amazed at the amount of people still waiting to get their wristbands. We were meeting some other friends to do a group photo-op with Flanery so I was texting Apryl to see where they were. We found our way back to Flanery’s booth and I got my first Reedus sighting! We were standing at the outside of Flanery’s area & watching him interact with the fans…trying to sneak a few pics but the workers weren’t having that.  There was a commotion going on somewhere at a booth down front…Miranda & Katy went to see what was going on while Micki & I stood watching Reedus. I turned around at one point & saw Gabby walking towards me and then noticed Sean right behind her. I just grinned & said “Sean!” & he put his hand on my shoulder as he passed me, smiled & said “Whassup ladies!” He walked back into his booth area & I knew he’d be leaving again soon for the photo op so once Miranda returned we headed in that direction to find Apryl. It took time locating her but we found her in the front of Flanery’s line & waited til they were ready for the photos. They headed us over to the photo area when we saw them bringing Sean over. As soon as we got in the room he saw us, opened his arms up & said “Come to me babies!” Apryl got to him first & he gave her a big hug…I was second & he pulled me in for a hug as everyone else gathered round. There were 7 of us in the pic with him…normally they don’t let that many in but Apryl had made special arrangements. We scrunched in as tight as we could…I was pressed up really close to his left side. The photographer had to re-take the pic at least 3 maybe 4 times cuz someone kept blinking but I was totally fine with that considering my position…I could have stood right there all day!  And at one point he called us his “hussies” too LOL

Flanery 52

So once that was over we made our way back over to his booth. We knew he had dual photo-ops with Reedus after his singles and it was close to 4:30 when he got back. We decided to go through his line one more time because we really needed to see if we could get him to talk to Sunny. I figured I’d get another pic signed so we got back in line to wait. Funniest fangirl moment we saw: there was a girl in front of us who was having a complete meltdown. She was a tiny little thing…not a kid but I think she may have been an inch or so shorter than me (I’m only 5’1″) but she was just bouncing & squealing & he was making comments about dog whistles…it was so funny then he walked around the table, hugged her & picked her up off the ground…I thought she was gonna pass out when he put her down! It was so funny! So once we got back up to him Micki had him sign a pic for her…

Flanery 40 Flanery 41 Flanery 42

Then we made another attempt to call Sunny…and she answered this time! Here’s the video…

Then he recorded something else for her to let her know that was actually him on the phone…

I had him sign my pic…

Flanery 49

then asked him to give a shout-out to my friend Jacob who’s gonna be shipping out soon as he’s enlisted in the Navy…here’s that clip…

Flanery 43 Flanery 44

Miranda got another pic signed & asked if he’d do another shout-out to our friends Becca, May & Skippy…here’s that…

And I got a couple of pics of him while he was taping that…

Flanery 45 Flanery 46 Flanery 47

Then Miranda showed him her shoes where she had “Shine Until Tomorrow” written on them…he signed one and took a pic of them…

Flanery 48

So then we said goodbye to Sean…as we walked away watching him with the other fans we wanted to say goodbye one more time so we waited til he wasn’t in the middle of a pic or anything and all yelled “BYE SEAN!” He looked up and yelled “Chicks!” or it could have been “Chickies!” I’m not sure which but he laughed & we walked off. It was like 5:30 by this time…con was open til 7 but there was nothing else we wanted to do so we decided to call it a day.  We had to leave early the next morning to get back to Dallas before the really bad weather hit so we said goodbye to Miranda & Katy & made our way back to the car. All in all it had been amazing. Flanery made the trip totally worth it and I’ve kinda fallen for him all over again…Flangirl for life!

PS: we found this video on YouTube later…this apparently happened after Reedus first got there & we were waiting upstairs for the panel. Looks like Flanery DID use the silly string we got him…and the gun LOL

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  1. Omg this WAS FANTASTIC! I loved reading all about your day sweetie and believe ME! i shall do the same when i finally get to meet him! omg! LOVELY!!!! 😉

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