Time To Go

Death 6

On blackened wings

He’ll come for you

You may fight

Or welcome him

It makes no difference

You cannot escape

Death 2

Like a thief in the night

Draining you

You can’t move

Can’t speak

or breathe

Nothing else matters

Death 7

He carries you away

To a kingdom of Death





Death 4

He sits on his throne



Souls surround you

They cry out

Welcoming you

Death 3

You are all alike

The emptiness you felt


Brothers & Sisters

The Angel takes your hand

As you wander through your new home

Death 1

He smiles

His task is done

For now

But he is never finished

You never know

Who will be next

grim reaper 2

  Death 5

Death 8

Death 9

Death 10

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