The Summoning

Kate poured a cup of coffee, staring out the window at the falling rain.  It only added to her depression.  She hadn’t felt this upset in a long time…and she knew he was to blame. She was fine until she talked to her friend Lydia.  She learned he had played Lydia the same way he did her…and it infuriated her.  How many more women would fall for his line of shit?  He had betrayed her, abandoned her when she needed him.  Made her feel like she was special, beautiful, worth something…but it was all lies.  She’d never felt like a bigger fool…and how many nights she’d cried over it.  She had moved on, slowly.  It took her a long time to get close to anyone after that but finally she had found someone she could trust, who would never leave her side.  Her true love.  She had never been so happy…had never believed feelings like this existed.  She rarely even thought of him anymore & ignored him on her social media sites.  But she was furious now.  He needed to pay for what he had done to them both.  Lydia was beside herself…thinking it was all her fault but it wasn’t.  He was an idiot…didn’t deserve her.  No telling how many other women had gone through the same thing.  The more she thought about it the more anger welled up inside her.  She wanted him to suffer…and a thought occurred.  She knew of someone who could help her…help her rid the world of this asshole once & for all.  But it was risky…she wasn’t sure if she would get the help she wanted…not even sure how to find what she was looking for or how to even ask.  She thought about it long & hard…all through her day at work,  every minute when she came home.  She searched the internet for anything but came up empty handed.  She sighed, almost ready to give up.  She reached for her newspaper and something fell to the floor.  She picked it up…it was a small piece of paper…old, worn, yellowed with age, made of some heavy stock.  She ran her fingers over it over, turned it over & gasped, almost dropping it….her heart pounding in her chest.  Printed in an old script in dark red ink were two words…Death Maiden.

Kate sat, trembling, not completely sure what to do next.  Lydia needed to be here…if this was gonna go down she needed to be involved.  She texted her asking for a call ASAP.  Within minutes the phone rang…she told Lydia everything that happened.  There was a few seconds of silence then Lydia said “How soon do you need me to be there Kate?” she said immediately & paced the floor til Lydia arrived.  Showing her the card she was still shaking.  Lydia looked at her as they both held it, knowing at that moment what needed to be done.  Kate went to the kitchen returning with a small knife.  She winced as it pierced her finger…she handed it to Lydia who did the same.  They smeared the blank side of the card with their blood & stared as words appeared.  It was a warning.  “Death Maiden does not spare – no guarantee of survival. What must be done is to be witnessed by those who summon. Beware…there is always a heavy price to pay. If you agree and accept, hold this card in your hand and say Yes Death Maiden.  By your verbal assent she shall come.”  They stared at each other, knowing once they spoke the words there was no turning back.  It didn’t matter…they were already walking the dark path & there was no way out.  They held the card with both hands, faced each other and spoke the words.

to be continued: Death Maiden – The Summoning

10 responses to “The Summoning

  1. Fanfkntastic!! My sisters are awakened. Summon The Maiden!!! Fury is Unleashed!!!!! She will take them all!!!! one by bloody one…enjoy the journey there are lessons to be learned.

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