My Rant part 2


It shouldn’t have to be questioned

Just accepted

When you find that someone

your true love

Everything should fall into place

Even if it doesnt

Everyone SHOULD understand

I did NOT go out there

specifically looking

for someone so young

or so far away

I’m not into self-torture

but it just happened

His soul spoke to me

I can’t explain it

but it’s beautiful

Your BIG problem

is the age difference

He’s legal

Shouldn’t that be enough for you?

But no

You just can’t let it go

You act like I’m stupid

completely irresponsible

Like I have NO idea what could happen

If he’s not what he says he is

that I have no business

making promises to someone

I’ll never see

You don’t know that

How could you

and I’m no idiot

I watch the news

Cop shows

Law & Order

I know

I see that shit all the time

so don’t patronize me

or treat me like I’m crazy

I’m fully aware of the consequences

and yet you just can’t leave it be

You can’t trust me?

I trust him

I don’t doubt who he is

or what he is

or how he feels about me

You should just be happy for me

and stop lecturing me

I’m not a child

So don’t treat me like one

6 responses to “My Rant part 2

  1. People don’t understand, all they see is what they can point at. Trust yourself my sister. Trust your heart, trust his. You are both amazing, loving people. And I am honoured to have you both in my life, in my family, in my heart.

    • Hugs dear sister! ♥ always follow your heart and instinct…I wish for you both all the love, joy and true happiness in this world! Doesn’t matter what anybody else says or thinks…

  2. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself my sister.
    Fear not, less yee shall not be judged by us, your true sisters.
    Follow your heart.

  3. “I’m not into self-torture, but it just happened. His soul spoke to me, I can’t explain it” Do not let the opinions or empty judgement of others interfere with your happiness. I used to be worried about what others thought of me as well, until I realized that sometimes people try to make themselves look and feel good about themselves by pointing/trying to find what hey think are flaws in others. I call it ignorance, trust and believe in yourself everything else comes and goes.

  4. Age doesn’t mean anything. My mom and step dad are 8 years apart. My uncle was dating a girl who was 34 years younger than him. Just because there is an age gap, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I would personally never go for a younger guy, but that’s just because it doesn’t work for ME. If it works for you, then by all means, go for it. It’s not my place to judge you… It’s NO ONE’S PLACE. If it makes you happy, then it should make the people who care about you happy. The fact that you’ve made it this long only proves that age doesn’t matter. Don’t let other people, blinded by arrogance, (And as Kittie said, ignorance) get to you. Love is blind. Age, race, sexuality, none of it matters. As long as you love each other, that should be enough.

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