Nobody’s Perfect

**required music while reading

It was tough at the start

I tried so hard

to be what you wanted

I felt you had this image

of the perfect wife

high expectations

but I always failed

I never felt I measured up

I’m no June Cleaver

or Stepford wife

I can be a slob

and extremely lazy

You’d criticize me

for every little thing

Often times

I felt I embarrassed you

Just by being myself

After a while

I shut down

Always second guessing myself

Afraid to speak

or do anything

and fearful

Of the anger I thought

would surely come

For years

this was the norm

like I was conditioned

to try & behave a certain way

even then I would fail

I was very unhappy

and so were you

but later

You changed

Realized your mistakes

Verbalized your regret

but it had pushed me away

and my social life was nonexistent

our situation has changed now

You have your friends

and I have mine

and for the sake of our son

we still share a roof

but no longer a bed

we get along much better

laugh easier

but why can’t I get over it?

Why can’t I let it go?

I still feel myself cringe

at a possible negative reaction

If I do anything

I feel you’d be unhappy with

it seems that some things

set you off easy

You don’t understand my life

although you were the one

who was constantly begging me

to get a life

make friends

Now that I have them

even though it’s mostly all online

You don’t like it

It doesn’t make sense to you

I guess some things

are harder to forget

than others

9 responses to “Nobody’s Perfect

  1. “…After a while I shut down Always second guessing myself Afraid to speak or do anything” Some online friends can be much more supportive and caring than real life ones. I have met so many wonderful people on Twitter. Keep your head up Sis, you’re not alone!

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