Crimson Oasis

Desert 2

The desert was vast
stretching for thousands of miles in all directions
I was alone with no hope of survival
A lifetime of desolation had been left behind
Most of it I could not remember
and the way to get back was lost
in the darkest corners of my mind
therefore I could not go back, only press forward
When the sun beat down I crawled along the surface
Parched & searching for any manner of shade
my bare feet bleeding red, painting the dry earth
On the other side of a dune I found a small tree
Night fell as I huddling under the branches
I dreamed vividly of water and blood
rushing rivers & happy voices

dune & tree
When I woke I saw the tree had grown larger
and I noticed the buds of leaves
but no water was in sight
I rested that day and had the same dream
when I woke I noticed grass
It was growing around the tree
and I heard the sound of water underneath
I began digging at the earth with my bare hands
I felt wetness and saw blood
thinking I had cut myself
but it was the river, a crimson river under the tree
I dipped my hand in and brought it to my lips
I tasted the blood but it quenched my thirst

bloody hands
I drank more when I began to hear the voices
that called to me from the river below
They sang me to sleep as I dreamed of a castle
with brothers & sisters dancing around a fire
I saw their faces as they journeyed
They were near the crimson river
and it fed the land they traveled upon
I woke again finding the landscape had again changed
the red waters were giving it life
and the tree had begun to bear blood fruit
Eating the fruit & drinking from the waters
I began to feel more alive than ever before
I could see the castle more clearly in my dreams
Large with thick walls & banners flying

bloody river 2
I awoke to the sound of the river rushing
it had broken through the surface of the ground
and had become very wide
the grass & trees were now growing for miles
there were also many flowers & plants
I noticed a wide path on the other bank
It went far into the distance
covered with crimson leaves
from the trees that lined both sides
It pulled at me & I longed to walk upon it
to see where it would lead

the path 3
As I leaned against the tree staring at the path
I heard the voices again, this time from behind me
Startled I turned & saw a group of travelers
a rag-tag bunch they were but smiling & happy
As if waking from a dream I ran to them
they were surprised to see me but excited
Calling themselves Governess & Duchess,
the two women in the lead smiled & embraced me
crying as they spoke to me of their lost sister,
Their Princess, who had now been found beside the river
She had become separated from them long ago
her lover had been lost in a storm and
she had left one night to search for him
and never returned
I held them tight as the memories flooded forth
and fell to the ground sobbing as I saw him in the group
He ran to me, kissing the tears from my face
They all held me as I cried
I had found my family
we would bathe in the crimson waters
and walk the crimson path
Our journey had just begun
but we were all together

family 8

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