My Old Flame

dead soul 3

I had never felt more lost…alone & broken

the love I wanted, needed, so badly

had been ripped from my grasp once again

my eyes cloud over, filled with tears

Days go by…I am fine in the light

but the night is different

I have always loved the darkness

but now, alone with my thoughts

I can only think about what I have lost

and feel the madness begin to take over

I close my eyes trying to escape the pain

and as I begin to drift away

I hear a familiar voice beckoning

It is an odd, scratchy sound

and I see him there in the corner

hand stretched out to greet me

grim reaper 7

and as I look into his eyes

I am no longer afraid

We knew each other long ago

loved each other deeply

but I was young & not ready

for the commitment he required

Older & wiser I invite him in

He says he has never forgotten me

and knows what I have suffered

He offers to take me away from the pain

Gladly I run to his arms

shivering in his cold embrace


He takes my hand & we disappear

into a void

Holding him close I shut my eyes

I can smell the sulphur

as we fall faster & faster

with the wind rushing all around

Quickly everything stops

He steps away from me

I open my eyes and adjust to the light

blood 4

Pain, death, destruction…Hell

this is truly a place of nightmares

there is so much to see I can’t take it in at once

At first all I can see is Red

everywhere, everything is Red

then I can make out figures moving

they wander around as if blind

moving closer they stop as they sense me

Knowing that I am different from them

bloody 1

They scream at me

Begging for release from their pain

There was nothing I could do for them

If I was to remain here as his Queen

I would rule over them as he did

with no emotion, no feeling

Demons came out of hiding

moving at lighting speed

they fell upon the tortured souls

feasting upon their flesh

blood 2

I stumbled back as I watched the horrific scene

and began to smile

As I looked around I saw other things

things unfit for normal human eyes

things that would send any normal being

into raging fits of madness

but I felt completely comfortable

I drank it all in

Surveying my new home

surrounded by unholy tortures

dead soul 4

He stood watching me as I took it all in

Turning back to him I took his hands

and pledged my undying devotion

I could sense he was lonely too

He had been here forever

with no one by his side

grim reaper 9

We walked through enormous caverns of darkness

past lakes & rivers of fire

red with the blood of those who had fallen

screams & cries of the dying

unending torture

more horrific than any Bosch painting

I could be completely happy here

and as I ascended the steps to his throne

another materialized next to it

he placed a bloody crown upon my head

and I was home

grim reaper 2

to be continued…The Pit of Fire

6 responses to “My Old Flame

  1. Absolute perfection my sister. You are most splendid with you words. I am truly proud and honored that you share with us.
    Love you. Xo

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