The Pit of Fire

*prior required reading…My Old Flame

Queen of Hell 1

I am the Queen of Hell
I made my blood pact
and by my lover was given
the immortal kiss
I can reign with him forever
I am completely comfortable here
as if I’ve always belonged
As I wander through my new surroundings
I get the strangest feelings of deja vu
The smallest creatures
imps and larger demons
step aside as I pass by
They respect me as they do their master
and I have been given a free hand
They know anything I tell them
must be obeyed

queen of hell 7
I come upon a large lake
a pit of fire
Screams of the tormented reach my ears
For their crimes they must forever burn
I stand on a high ledge, watching
but feel I am not alone
it is cavernous
Many areas for creatures to hide
As I look around I notice something shiny
a glint of steel out of the corner of my eye
A woman steps out from behind a crevice
Flowing crimson hair
Eyes so blue they cannot be real
Scythe singing sweetly in her grasp
just like it’s companion
that is always held by my lover
I recognize her immediately
although we have never met
She is his Kindred
She smiles at me in greeting
no words needed
and stands next to me on the ledge
We take in the scene below
Something is amiss
I go to investigate
followed by my new Sister

queen of hell 9
Demons cavorting at the lakes edge
torturing the damned
One is fighting them
and as my eyes fall upon him
I recognize him as someone from my past
Someone who caused me great pain
and shall now pay for it
Recognizing me he cowers
He can sense my authority here
and knows nothing can save him
An evil grin spreads upon my face
My Sister looks at me as if reading my thoughts
as the demons can
Silently I give them instructions
He is bound to a rock close to the edge
Small sparks flying out of the fiery water
fall upon his flesh
He cries out in pain

queen of hell 19
Tiny demons come out of the corners
They fall upon him
Biting with small sharp teeth
flaying small areas of skin
His screams go unnoticed
No one pays him any attention
but his tormentors
I move away slowly
as they free him from the rock
and carry him to the waters edge
The flames lick the bank
They toss him into the pit

queen of hell 8
The new wounds that were inflicted
only make the pain stronger
He shall remain there forever
burning but never dying
We turn & walk back to the ledge
She must leave now
but I know I will see her again
I feel the presence of my lover
as he has come to greet her
and the Scythe’s sing together
the sweetest song of pain

queen of hell 23

*to be continued…Death’s Gift

16 responses to “The Pit of Fire

  1. My sister you have grown and produced the most Epic of your pieces to date!
    So proud of you!!
    Much love and respect

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