wolf 2

The wolf was howling at her door again.

Every night since she’d moved into her new house 2 weeks ago she’d heard him.  At first she’d thought it was the wind.  It was a low, mournful sound.   Then she’d asked the neighbors thinking someone’s dog had gotten loose but no one else had heard anything.  She heard nothing during the day, it was only late at night, after midnight, when the eerie howling would begin.

Sometimes it would skip a day.  Sometimes it was louder than others.  When she could sleep through it she had very strange dreams.  One night when she finally decided to look outside, she peeked through the blinds and saw him…a large white wolf, pacing in front of her door.  She watched him for several minutes before the howling began.  He turned his back to the door, lifted his head & began his cry.  It sent a chill up her back.  It was odd though…he wasn’t acting aggressive in any way, more nervous…like he expected something to happen & was just waiting.

One night after she’d gotten home late from work she noticed the door unlocked. She knew she’d locked it before she left…she was pretty anal about it and always checked several times before she left the house.   She slowly entered the living room, noticing nothing seemed disturbed.  Next to the front door was a baseball bat she kept there just in case she ever needed it.   Picking it up she walked through the house carefully making sure everything was ok.  Everything seemed fine…could she have somehow forgotten the lock?   She relaxed as she walked back to place the bat next to the door when she saw him…a man dressed in black hiding behind the front door.  Startled she dropped the bat.  She quickly reached to pick it up but he was on her, throwing her to the ground.  He had her hands above her head and when she tried to scream he put his other hand over her mouth, not saying a word.   In his hand was a small piece of cloth that he pushed inside to gag her.  He rose up quickly, sitting on her chest as he pulled out a piece of rope & bound her hands.   She was struggling, trying to force the cloth out of her mouth as he took a knife out of his pocket when she heard the low growl behind her.


The intruder heard it as well & looked up in shock as the wolf rushed towards him, hitting him square in the chest & biting down hard on his throat.  She rose up slowly watching in amazement as the man tried to grab the wolf around the neck with one hand & reached for his knife with the other as his life blood began to flow.  The wolf snarled & tightened his jaws lunging in even closer as the man found his knife & brought it up, clumsily stabbing the wolf in the side.  It seemed not to notice, didn’t even flinch as it just bore down harder on him.  Attempting to scream the man tried to keep his grip but the wolf was too strong.  She heard the crunch of bone as the wolfs teeth squeezed tighter & then the man went limp.  The wolf held him in his jaws for another minute before letting go & licking the blood from its jaws.  She moved in a bit closer & he turned to look at her quickly before disappearing out the door.   When the police arrived she told them what happened…she was sure they didn’t believe her but what else could she say?  She then discovered that the man was a known felon…burglar & rapist who had just recently escaped from jail 2 weeks ago & had been seen prowling the neighborhood but no one had been able to catch him.

She went to the hospital in the ambulance as a precaution.  She wasn’t hurt but they had to make sure.  When she arrived home again she cleaned herself up again & got ready for bed after checking all the locks several times.  Suddenly, there it was again.  The howling.  She was no longer frightened by it.  She knew he was protecting her…why, she had no idea.  But as she drifted to sleep that night she new she would always  be safe with her guardian there.


12 responses to “Guardian

  1. wonderful sister. You are outstreatching your works into such beautiful pieces, they are a true pleasure to read. Wonderful growith, Keep on writing. Never stop.

  2. Wow, that was so awesome sis! You are magnificent! If only all of us had a guardian like that, we would feel safe every night! LOL xoxoxo

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