True Romance

victorian romance 1

Speak to me
with beautiful words
of elegance & grace
treasured phrases
Make my heart flutter
my knees feel weak
Enrapture me
Let me gaze into your eyes
and drown in their depths
Touch my hand
Entwine your fingers
with mine
Stroke my palm
gently with your thumb
The softness of your voice
caresses my skin
like silk & satin
Like precious stones
the words fall
from your tongue
I feel faint
Sliding closer
your hand around my waist
a soft kiss on my cheek
turns my skin crimson
when quietly you whisper
the five words
I’ve longed to hear
“I want to fuck you”

victorian romance

8 responses to “True Romance

  1. That last sentence it just touches me right in my…..Heart yeah heart!! *giggles* love it sis, truly really beautiful! Your writings just are growing and how you tell you story and the form is really brilliant! I’m so glad to call u my #sismine!! Love you!! Xoxo

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