alone 1

Until you’ve had something
that seems so perfect
and lost it
you don’t understand
what true misery is
I wasn’t sure
how long it would take
but I realize
I’m over you
I miss the talks
hours on the phone
hearing your voice
late nite Twitter convos
feeling loved
cared for
but now
the loneliness
is beginning
to creep up on me
it surrounds me
the horrible
constant feelings
of despair
not being good enough
gnaw away at me
consume me
eat away at my core
I try to fight it
sometimes I win
put up a good front
but most of the time
I feel so hollow
I only want
to shut myself away
so no one
can see me fall apart

falling apart

7 responses to “Misery

  1. Poignant and VERY familiar. I think I’ve been there/done that. But I try to focus on the reason why we’re not together and that usually snaps me out of it. Excellent as usually. The Crier has spoken.

  2. There are so many parts of me inside this one it’s erie…The love inside me. the want. the loneliness, longing, tying to hang on. Day by day inside my heart aches.
    I get it, I really do. This actually brought tears to my eyes.
    Love you my sister! I really do! xoxo

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