Welcome Home

welcome home 1

She awoke slowly, yawning & stretching her legs. Rising from the bed she was a bit groggy but looked at the clock & smiled, remembering that He was coming home tonight. He had been away for over a week…she had been able to keep herself busy at work but nights without Him had been extremely lonely. After she had used the restroom she walked around their large apartment making sure everything was in place. She had been to the store the day before and everything was ready to make His favorite dinner. She also had a little something in store for Him as she knew how He loved surprises.
The hour was drawing near & everything was ready. She had on her special new outfit & dinner was waiting as she heard His key turn in the door. When He walked in He immediately noticed the candles & flowers…smiling He turned towards the living room and saw her…His lovely girl waiting to serve Him. She held in her hand a glass of champagne & walked up to Him, handed Him the glass & said “Good evening Sir, welcome home”. Just being so close to Him after so long she felt a slight dampness between her legs. As if He could sense it He pulled her close, reached between her legs (she always went commando) feeling her wetness & growled low in her ear saying “That’s my good girl, what a nice welcome” & kissed her on the forehead. Before she lost control of her senses she smiled & led Him toward the dining table. She said “I hope you are hungry Sir I’ve prepared your favorite dinner”. He saw the meal she had cooked on the counter but at that moment He wanted nothing to do with it. As they reached the table He pushed her forward so that she was bent over the table & lifted her skirt exposing her lovely ass saying “Baby girl I am ravenous but not for food”.

welcome home 3

He slowly removed her clothes after which He removed His tie & with it bound her hands behind her back. He was growing harder by the second just at the sight of her firm round cheeks…He gave each one a light slap…she gasped & lightly cried out as He then reached down to spread her legs slightly. Spreading her wide He reached up feeling her moist opening and heard her moan…she had missed this so badly and was ready for whatever He had prepared. She sensed Him rise slowly & lean over her back whispering “Don’t move an inch my pet I’ll be right back”. She felt herself shivering with anticipation as she waited. He returned & slowly raised her up so she could see what He had brought for her. He placed a small box in front of her on the table opening it slowly revealing a beautiful sapphire jeweled butt plug. She bit her lip lightly to hide her excitement as He said “A jewel for my jewel”. He then moved behind her again, bent her back over the table & knelt down slowly inserting it into her anus as she groaned loudly at the wonderful sensation. He had her rise again & guided her to the bed where He ordered her on her knees. Quickly she dropped to the ground in front of Him. She had never felt so excited & turned on. He walked over to the armoire behind her…she heard Him remove a few things & set them on the dresser…she had a feeling He was not going to let her in on what He was getting ready to do. With her eyes on the floor she saw Him stand in front of her & kneel down…He took her chin in His hand & looking into her eyes planted a kiss on her lips. “I have so missed these lips baby girl. I know the food can wait as this is all I’ve been thinking about all week”. He placed a blindfold over her eyes then turned her around instructing her onto the bed on her knees. He then placed a metal spreader bar between her legs & attached the cuffs to keep them open. He felt as if He would explode at the sight of her…fully exposed & vulnerable. He slowly undressed as He took in the view & took a set of nipple clamps off the dresser. He massaged her nipples slowly, her breathing coming faster with soft moans. As He attached the clamps she gasped slightly at the initial pressure & even more so when He added the small weights. She felt a delicious pull deep insider her as He tugged at the weights & made sure He wasn’t causing her too much pain. He realized He was about to burst as He moved behind her again & placed His hard cock between her legs, rubbing it slowly against her swollen clit. He bent over her back again & growled “Remember you cannot cum until I say so!” and in between her sobs she said “Yes Sir I understand”. Slowly He pushed the head into her wet opening feeling it clench around Him. As He continued to fill her He was amazed that He could even fit she was so tight. Once completely inside He just stayed still for a moment reveling in the feeling of her. Suddenly He changed…slapping her ass hard as she cried out. Grabbing her hips He pulled back slowly & slammed into her hard, repeating this several times…she was beside herself, so close to the edge but not daring to go over for fear of His retribution. At each thrust He pulled her back into Him…the weights on the clamps swinging back & forth adding to the sensations.

welcome home 8

With one hand He reached forward & grabbed her hair…tugging lightly pulling her head backwards as she gasped & moaned. He began to pump harder, faster and as she felt she would soon loose her mind He ordered “Now baby I want you to cum for me NOW!” He barely finished the sentence before she felt the orgasm peak & crash over her in a wave…her body shaking with the convulsions as she screamed. He thrusted hard into her several more times before it started to subside, but He wasn’t done yet. Not yet having had His release he removed the bar, clamps & blindfold…kissed the tears off her face while massaging her nipples & saying “You’ve been such a good girl baby…I couldn’t be more proud so now you get your reward”. He kissed her deeply & she returned it, slowly caressing His tongue with hers. He pulled her into a sitting position at the edge of the bed & stood in front of her with His engorged member directly in her face. She grinned as she kissed the tip, then slowly & lovingly ran her tongue around the head before taking Him all in. He groaned as she began to move back & forth, running His hand through her hair then taking it in His fist as He held her in place. Guiding her with His hand He moved her faster as He felt it build inside & then shuddered violently as He shot a stream of hot cum down the back of her throat. He felt every bit of stress leave His body as she drained Him of every last drop. He knelt in front of her again and as He untied her hands kissed her again then took her in His arms…she was His.

welcome home 6

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