Danse de la Mort

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He was shaking uncontrollably. Agitated…anxious…he needed a fix. It hadn’t been this bad in weeks and he knew there was no way out. He went to the desk in the hallway…unlocking the top drawer he removed a small package & placed the contents in his inside jacket pocket. Grabbing his keys he left the house, got in his car & drove off towards town. There was a new club that just opened up last week…imagining what he could find there he began to smile.

club 1

He pulled up to the valet & as he stepped out of the car looked at the line of people waiting to get inside. He usually had no problem getting in ahead of the crowd but decided he’d try to see if he could find anyone there worthy of his company. He noticed several women, quite attractive, but not exactly what he was looking for that night. He walked back up to the door & calmly used his natural finesse to work his way in front of everyone else…of course they protested behind him but he didn’t care. Sauntering into the entrance he was blasted by the sounds of late 70’s disco music. He walked to the bar located to the right of the dance floor and as he ordered a drink began to watch the people dancing…a horde of bodies gyrating to the rhythm of the beat. As he sipped his drink he noticed a group of women at the end of the bar…one in particular caught his eye immediately. Tall, statuesque…and a redhead…his favorite. He stood there watching her for a few minutes as she talked and laughed with her friends. After a few more minutes he instructed the bartender to send them some drinks…specifically mentioning the redhead as his target. Once the drinks arrived he saw them all look in his direction & smile their thanks…she specifically nodded to him and he motioned to the seat next to him. He watched her walk towards him…she was taller than he’d first thought, curves in all the right places shown off well by the dress she wore, her short red hair lightly spiked on the top…she was stunning. She smiled as she sat down & as he took her hand he introduced himself “Hello, I’m Marcus…what’s your name beautiful?” She laughed, a light happy sound like tiny bells, & said “I’m Isabel, very nice to meet you Marcus.” They sat there for a while just talking…he found her very easy to talk to as if he’d known her for a long time. Isabel finished her drink & noticed her friends were still at the end of the bar…talking but occasionally looking her way & smiling. He asked her if she wanted dance & she said yes…the dance floor was packed & as they moved their bodies were pressed tight against each other. As tall as she was he still towered over her by a few inches & she was so close he couldn’t help but notice her scent…heavy & intoxicating. He could almost see the blood pulsing through the veins in her neck as he pressed closer against her. He noticed her startled look as she felt his hardness against her…and then she smiled, almost seductively, & put her arms around him as she began to mold her body to his. He grew more anxious by the second as she continued to tease him knowing full well what he wanted. When the song ended he led her away to find a somewhere they could be…more private. He found an unlocked storage closet…once inside he pushed her against the door, pinning her arms down & kissed her roughly, his erection hard against her. She met his kiss with equal fervor as his hands snaked down pulling her dress up around her hips. Her breath was hot against his neck as she unzipped his pants & took him in her hands…he felt as if he would burst right then but he held back as he lifted her up & found his way inside. He began slowly, kissing her more gently as he wanted to try & make this last. But then he took her lip in his teeth as he began to thrust almost violently, her moans & cries drowning out his own. He could tell she was close as was he…he reached into his pocket where he had put his toy & as he felt her climax he wrapped the barbed wire around her neck & pulled it tight. Her eyes popped open as she stared at him, the scream silent on her lips as she tried to pull the wire free, but he was too strong. He continued to pound into her and as he felt her life drain away he exploded inside her. He watched her fall into a crumpled heap onto the floor as he disengaged himself. Kneeling down he took a handkerchief out of his pocket & wrapped the bloody wire inside it, storing it back inside his pocket. Opening the door he made sure no one was looking as he walked towards the bathroom to wash his hands and who knows…maybe he’d get lucky again.

barbed wire

“The character Marcus is based on Matt Farnsworth’s character The Orphan Killer” All rights reserved”

Danse de la Mort … continued http://wp.me/p43M7s-hh

The Second Summoning

Lydia could not sit still. She paced up & down the the length of the living room in the house she still shared with her ex Aaron. He had fallen asleep about an hour ago around 8pm. Good. Because she was still so angry with him she would have probably killed him if he’d still been awake. She could not believe what he had done…came home right before dinner & announced that he’d quit his job. Just because he didn’t like it anymore. Really??? He made really good money, she’d been able to be off work for a while to look after their two kids during the day & not have to pay a sitter. She’d just recently started a new part-time job with a friend that she really enjoyed. Things were actually looking up…she was hoping to be able soon to get her own place finally. Now this. He’s such a selfish motherfucker! He doesn’t care, doesn’t think about her or the kids anymore. Not that she loves him anymore anyway but still…she can’t understand now what she ever saw in him. He’s always mad at the boys, yelling at them for no reason, just for being kids. AND he’s got his piece-of-shit dad living with them now…with him around it’s no wonder he is the way he is. OMG she was so mad…so angry she was almost crying when she heard a light knock on the door. Looking through the peephole she was surprised to see Kate. She quietly opened the door & let Kate know everyone was asleep. Kate was aware of Aaron’s temper so she would be as quiet as possible. She had been in the area & wanted to drop by…said she had texted but got no response so wanted to make sure everything was ok. That’s when Lydia broke down…she spilled the whole story as she cried out her frustrations. Kate held her friend as she cried knowing full well Aaron wouldn’t regret doing any of this. Hearing a noise they turned & startled they saw Aaron angrily walking towards them, yelling that they had woken him up & why couldn’t they keep the noise down. Of course this woke up the baby who began to cry…Aaron began yelling at Lydia to keep him quiet. At that point she’d had it. She began screaming at him & shoved him hard against the wall. He came back at her with a hard slap across her face…so hard it made her nose bleed. Kate felt as though she just saw this happen in slow motion & what happened next seemed like something out of a dream. She saw Lydia stumble as he hit her…she reached forward to stop her from falling and as she did the book she was holding fell to the floor. She’d forgotten about the card…the old piece of paper she for some reason was keeping as a bookmark…thinking she’d never need it again. As the book fell the card flew out and a few drops of Lydia’s blood splattered across it as it hit the floor. She & Lydia fell to the floor & as they both saw the card reached for it at the same time. There was a sudden change in the air, like a whirlwind, when she then realized what was about to happen. Aaron was yelling behind them as the wind shifted & they looked at each other in the eye speaking the words “Death Maiden!”


to be continued @ Death Maiden – Karma http://wp.me/p3YIfd-BC


When you left
I fell apart
and still
I feel
I’ve changed
it is so hard
to trust
new people
enter my life
but very few
pass the test
even then
I wonder
or if
I’ll get hurt
is the same
it never will be
I loved
too deeply
and paid
a heavy price
I can’t
let that happen
every day
I feel
so alone


Death’s Unspoken Desire

* written as a companion piece to My Old Flame http://wp.me/p43M7s-aD *

death queen 2

Destruction. Chaos. Madness. Disease. Unending Death. This is what he has dealt with every hour of every day for eternity, and it would never end. It would never change. He walked the dark passageways & caverns filled with every imaginable horror. The wet, damp walls & floors filled with blood…continuous screams of the tortured souls. It was now as it had been for eons. Still something nagged at him. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he felt empty as he never had before. He became restless…not that he ever slept but he would often sit to observe the many goings-on in his vast kingdom, but it seemed to hold no pleasure for him anymore. The residents there took notice. He was moodier, more easily angered than ever before. He had no idea why he felt this way, just longed for it to end. To go back to normal. As miserable an existence as he lived with this made it even more so.


One night on one of his many aboveground adventures he felt her near, sensed her presence & knew this was what he had been searching for. He observed her quietly…young, innocent, beautiful…and happy. This troubled him. If she had been the object of some horrible situation she longed to be free of he would have had no second thought about taking her with him right then. But she seemed to enjoy this place. He felt she would not be easily persuaded to join him, so he waited. He followed her for several days…he felt she knew she was being watched but had no idea by who. When the time was right he approached her as she was getting into her car. She seemed startled at first but looked at him with no hint of fear in her eyes.  Interesting. Most shrank from him, tried to run even though they knew they could not get away. He placed his hand on her shoulder and she seemed to understand why he was there even though he did not speak a word. He could see into her mind, her heart, saw her life from the beginning & how happy her childhood had been. No pain or fear for her as he had seen in so many. He wanted her with him, to share his world with her but could tell she was not ready. He could sense her frustration, that she wanted to go with him but was not ready to leave her life & everything she had to look forward to. He understood, but sadly re-entered his own world. From that moment nothing felt right…he went about his life but nothing was the same. He had been alone forever…thousands of years had passed & now that he had found someone he wanted to share himself with she had turned away.


Time passed differently there. He could watch her life as she married & years later watched that world fall apart on her. Strangely she was not upset by this turn of events & seemed happier. He stayed away. Then she found someone else, someone she felt she loved more than the first. She shared everything with him. Saw into her mind as she planned a future with him.  He was ready to shut her out of his mind for good when it happened…this man she loved with all her heart just broke it into pieces. He could feel the pain, anguish, total devastation running through her mind as though he was experiencing it for himself. He waited…wanted to see if she would recover but her depression deepened. He had never seen her go through such torture. It was more than he could bear. He came to her one night as she slept. He whispered her name…his voice was low, scratchy as he hadn’t spoken in a thousand years. She awoke & saw him from the corner. When he looked at her he still saw her as she had been all those years ago, but she was changed. This experience had hardened her but she was still not afraid. She ran to him, held him close & shivered. He welcomed her, held her tight against him as they were taken into the void & into his home. When they arrived she took a few minutes to adjust her eyes & look around. He felt no shock or horror emanating from her, almost as though she welcomed it. Dead souls & demons cavorting near her and she made no move to run. He showed her through every cavern, every cave, every bloody river & lake. He could see everything through her eyes and he noticed small details he’d never seen before. She looked at him as they walked back along the path & smiled…told him how much she wanted to stay here with him. That old empty feeling he’d had for so long vanished in a second. He ascended his throne & as he swung Scythe towards her another appeared next to it. Hanging from Scythe’s blade was a crown…she would stay here with him forever as his Queen & his loneliness had come to an end.  As he crowned her the rivers of Hell boiled, erupted & cracks in the ground flowed forth red with the bloody approval of the fallen.

death queen 1

*continued on Death’s Soulmate http://wp.me/p43M7s-fN

Bad Timing

Bloody Foot

It flowed
through the cracks
in the wall
like a river
filling every crevice
at the corner
a flood
of crimson
from the body
against the wall
still on her face
in her now dead eyes
the cuts
from his machete
were deep
his anger
need to kill
her bad luck
bad timing
to cross his path
that night

TOK 14

“This is based on Matt Farnsworth’s character The Orphan Killer” All rights reserved”



Nothing makes sense
it’s like a whirlwind
in my brain
I can’t concentrate
One thing starts
my train of thought
it won’t continue
the need to bleed
but it doesn’t work
it’s like fighting your
way through the mist
a gloomy foggy forest
for anything
an impending storm
the lightning strikes
in the distance
you can sense the rain
but it hovers
just out of reach
nothing is complete

foggy 1

Death’s Lessons

*required previous reading Death’s Gift http://wp.me/p43M7s-bU

queen of hell 25

As she watched the child sleeping she thought back to her own childhood. She had always felt alone even in crowded family gatherings. No one understood her…she had been picked on & bullied her entire life. Not until she went to college had she found some sense of freedom…people she could connect with. Still something felt wrong. When she met him the first time she was only 19. She fell for him hard…he begged & pleaded with her to join him, but she was not ready to leave the life she knew. After years in a loveless marriage and 2 failed relationships she felt completely lost…it was then he had found her again & given her this chance at a new life. She had never felt more comfortable & at ease anywhere. Now it felt even more complete…they had a daughter. She hadn’t spoken a word since her arrival 2 weeks ago but seemed to be adjusting very well to her new surroundings…other than her abnormal need for sleep. She would sometimes sleep for 2-3 days…it’s highly possible it was due to her encounter with the demon. Demons do not sleep & her body had been completely alert for several weeks…it had taken a lot out of her.

She awoke later famished. Summoning the demon servants she had some food brought in. Every day she talked to the girl hoping she would speak…she would get a nod, a shake of the head or different body language but that was all. Maybe one day she would speak again.

Today it was time for lessons. When she had initially showed the child around their home she’d become excited & fascinated by the torture room. So it was to this realm they were going to venture into today. The area was vast…the river of fire ran along the far wall and the wall closest was covered in the most ghastly array of devices of torture. They were all kept in perfect working order…the shining steel & polished wood all red in the glow of the fires. Looking around there were hundreds of demons already at their tasks…sometimes they used the devices, sometimes not. Each demon was equipped with different ways of inflicting their own pain upon a victim. Several new victims were being brought in as they arrived & this was the perfect chance to show her how it all worked. She had them all brought before her…all but one cowered before her presence. He just stood there, glaring at her, eyes full of hate. This one…he would not be brought down easily. Perfect. She ordered that he be strung up from one of the ropes hanging from the high ceiling above. As she walked the girl to the wall she noticed a movement around the corner…turning she saw the familiar glint of steel. It was her lover’s Kindred. She had come to see their new addition to the family & observe the lessons. They smiled at each other as Scythe began to sing softly to the girl & in anticipation of what was to come. The girl had wandered over to the wall & brought back a small but very useful device known as a “cat’s paw”.

qoh cats paw 2

It was a handle with sharp metal claws attached…perfect for holding in her small hands & for her first lesson. Seeing them approach he became agitated. The hatred filled his eyes but she sensed now a bit of fear…he knew what was to come. She showed the girl how to hold it properly as she slowly grazed it across his chest…his crimson fluid ran in small trickles down his stomach but he did not cry out. Giving it back to the girl she walked up to him and as she was shorter she moved around a bit as the demons held him still & raked it down his side & thigh. He gritted his teeth but still made no sound although the pain caused him to twitch. She seemed to enjoy seeing his reaction & moved around more digging deeper on his buttocks & bringing it all the way down to the back of his knee. He was no longer able to keep silent as his scream echoed through the vast room. She could tell he was fighting it…choking back the sobs that were aching to come out. She led the girl over to another device & whispered in her ear. She had him lowered slightly & a table placed underneath him. The girl stood next to the table with the device in her hand…two pieces of wood with metal spikes between them and two large screws on each end connecting the pieces of wood.

qoh knee splitter

She lifted his already injured leg & placed it inside the device…moved it upwards until it was right on his knee. She stood on one side with the girl on the other and they started turning the screws simultaneously. The girl was small & having a hard time with the screw but was not giving up. Slowly the spikes began to pierce the flesh around his knee and he writhed in pain as the bones began to break. Soon it was done & as they removed the device he was flung to the ground & ordered to stand. His leg was useless and he sobbed as he said he could not & begged for death. They laughed as he realized he was dead…this was his eternal punishment and he could not talk his way out of it. He hung his head in defeat as the demons descended on him…walking from the scene his screams rang in their ears.

Her new sister must go as she needed to feed…her Prey was stalking above ground & Scythe was becoming anxious. They said their goodbyes…she & the girl walked back to their rooms as she was still thinking. Since her arrival she’d been trying to think of a good name for her new daughter. Something fitting her dark soul…and then it hit her. She smiled, picked up the girl as they walked & whispered in her ear “your new name is Kieran my little dark one”. Kieran laughed & hugged her mother tightly as they walked the path of their home.

devil's daughter

*to be continued Death’s Unspoken Desire http://wp.me/p43M7s-f7