Death’s Lessons

*required previous reading Death’s Gift

queen of hell 25

As she watched the child sleeping she thought back to her own childhood. She had always felt alone even in crowded family gatherings. No one understood her…she had been picked on & bullied her entire life. Not until she went to college had she found some sense of freedom…people she could connect with. Still something felt wrong. When she met him the first time she was only 19. She fell for him hard…he begged & pleaded with her to join him, but she was not ready to leave the life she knew. After years in a loveless marriage and 2 failed relationships she felt completely lost…it was then he had found her again & given her this chance at a new life. She had never felt more comfortable & at ease anywhere. Now it felt even more complete…they had a daughter. She hadn’t spoken a word since her arrival 2 weeks ago but seemed to be adjusting very well to her new surroundings…other than her abnormal need for sleep. She would sometimes sleep for 2-3 days…it’s highly possible it was due to her encounter with the demon. Demons do not sleep & her body had been completely alert for several weeks…it had taken a lot out of her.

She awoke later famished. Summoning the demon servants she had some food brought in. Every day she talked to the girl hoping she would speak…she would get a nod, a shake of the head or different body language but that was all. Maybe one day she would speak again.

Today it was time for lessons. When she had initially showed the child around their home she’d become excited & fascinated by the torture room. So it was to this realm they were going to venture into today. The area was vast…the river of fire ran along the far wall and the wall closest was covered in the most ghastly array of devices of torture. They were all kept in perfect working order…the shining steel & polished wood all red in the glow of the fires. Looking around there were hundreds of demons already at their tasks…sometimes they used the devices, sometimes not. Each demon was equipped with different ways of inflicting their own pain upon a victim. Several new victims were being brought in as they arrived & this was the perfect chance to show her how it all worked. She had them all brought before her…all but one cowered before her presence. He just stood there, glaring at her, eyes full of hate. This one…he would not be brought down easily. Perfect. She ordered that he be strung up from one of the ropes hanging from the high ceiling above. As she walked the girl to the wall she noticed a movement around the corner…turning she saw the familiar glint of steel. It was her lover’s Kindred. She had come to see their new addition to the family & observe the lessons. They smiled at each other as Scythe began to sing softly to the girl & in anticipation of what was to come. The girl had wandered over to the wall & brought back a small but very useful device known as a “cat’s paw”.

qoh cats paw 2

It was a handle with sharp metal claws attached…perfect for holding in her small hands & for her first lesson. Seeing them approach he became agitated. The hatred filled his eyes but she sensed now a bit of fear…he knew what was to come. She showed the girl how to hold it properly as she slowly grazed it across his chest…his crimson fluid ran in small trickles down his stomach but he did not cry out. Giving it back to the girl she walked up to him and as she was shorter she moved around a bit as the demons held him still & raked it down his side & thigh. He gritted his teeth but still made no sound although the pain caused him to twitch. She seemed to enjoy seeing his reaction & moved around more digging deeper on his buttocks & bringing it all the way down to the back of his knee. He was no longer able to keep silent as his scream echoed through the vast room. She could tell he was fighting it…choking back the sobs that were aching to come out. She led the girl over to another device & whispered in her ear. She had him lowered slightly & a table placed underneath him. The girl stood next to the table with the device in her hand…two pieces of wood with metal spikes between them and two large screws on each end connecting the pieces of wood.

qoh knee splitter

She lifted his already injured leg & placed it inside the device…moved it upwards until it was right on his knee. She stood on one side with the girl on the other and they started turning the screws simultaneously. The girl was small & having a hard time with the screw but was not giving up. Slowly the spikes began to pierce the flesh around his knee and he writhed in pain as the bones began to break. Soon it was done & as they removed the device he was flung to the ground & ordered to stand. His leg was useless and he sobbed as he said he could not & begged for death. They laughed as he realized he was dead…this was his eternal punishment and he could not talk his way out of it. He hung his head in defeat as the demons descended on him…walking from the scene his screams rang in their ears.

Her new sister must go as she needed to feed…her Prey was stalking above ground & Scythe was becoming anxious. They said their goodbyes…she & the girl walked back to their rooms as she was still thinking. Since her arrival she’d been trying to think of a good name for her new daughter. Something fitting her dark soul…and then it hit her. She smiled, picked up the girl as they walked & whispered in her ear “your new name is Kieran my little dark one”. Kieran laughed & hugged her mother tightly as they walked the path of their home.

devil's daughter

*to be continued Death’s Unspoken Desire

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