Death’s Unspoken Desire

* written as a companion piece to My Old Flame *

death queen 2

Destruction. Chaos. Madness. Disease. Unending Death. This is what he has dealt with every hour of every day for eternity, and it would never end. It would never change. He walked the dark passageways & caverns filled with every imaginable horror. The wet, damp walls & floors filled with blood…continuous screams of the tortured souls. It was now as it had been for eons. Still something nagged at him. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he felt empty as he never had before. He became restless…not that he ever slept but he would often sit to observe the many goings-on in his vast kingdom, but it seemed to hold no pleasure for him anymore. The residents there took notice. He was moodier, more easily angered than ever before. He had no idea why he felt this way, just longed for it to end. To go back to normal. As miserable an existence as he lived with this made it even more so.


One night on one of his many aboveground adventures he felt her near, sensed her presence & knew this was what he had been searching for. He observed her quietly…young, innocent, beautiful…and happy. This troubled him. If she had been the object of some horrible situation she longed to be free of he would have had no second thought about taking her with him right then. But she seemed to enjoy this place. He felt she would not be easily persuaded to join him, so he waited. He followed her for several days…he felt she knew she was being watched but had no idea by who. When the time was right he approached her as she was getting into her car. She seemed startled at first but looked at him with no hint of fear in her eyes.  Interesting. Most shrank from him, tried to run even though they knew they could not get away. He placed his hand on her shoulder and she seemed to understand why he was there even though he did not speak a word. He could see into her mind, her heart, saw her life from the beginning & how happy her childhood had been. No pain or fear for her as he had seen in so many. He wanted her with him, to share his world with her but could tell she was not ready. He could sense her frustration, that she wanted to go with him but was not ready to leave her life & everything she had to look forward to. He understood, but sadly re-entered his own world. From that moment nothing felt right…he went about his life but nothing was the same. He had been alone forever…thousands of years had passed & now that he had found someone he wanted to share himself with she had turned away.


Time passed differently there. He could watch her life as she married & years later watched that world fall apart on her. Strangely she was not upset by this turn of events & seemed happier. He stayed away. Then she found someone else, someone she felt she loved more than the first. She shared everything with him. Saw into her mind as she planned a future with him.  He was ready to shut her out of his mind for good when it happened…this man she loved with all her heart just broke it into pieces. He could feel the pain, anguish, total devastation running through her mind as though he was experiencing it for himself. He waited…wanted to see if she would recover but her depression deepened. He had never seen her go through such torture. It was more than he could bear. He came to her one night as she slept. He whispered her name…his voice was low, scratchy as he hadn’t spoken in a thousand years. She awoke & saw him from the corner. When he looked at her he still saw her as she had been all those years ago, but she was changed. This experience had hardened her but she was still not afraid. She ran to him, held him close & shivered. He welcomed her, held her tight against him as they were taken into the void & into his home. When they arrived she took a few minutes to adjust her eyes & look around. He felt no shock or horror emanating from her, almost as though she welcomed it. Dead souls & demons cavorting near her and she made no move to run. He showed her through every cavern, every cave, every bloody river & lake. He could see everything through her eyes and he noticed small details he’d never seen before. She looked at him as they walked back along the path & smiled…told him how much she wanted to stay here with him. That old empty feeling he’d had for so long vanished in a second. He ascended his throne & as he swung Scythe towards her another appeared next to it. Hanging from Scythe’s blade was a crown…she would stay here with him forever as his Queen & his loneliness had come to an end.  As he crowned her the rivers of Hell boiled, erupted & cracks in the ground flowed forth red with the bloody approval of the fallen.

death queen 1

*continued on Death’s Soulmate

12 responses to “Death’s Unspoken Desire

  1. Fantastic sis! Loved this tale and I feel like it should go on further!! I guess I want more!! *giggles* BRAVO!!

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