The Second Summoning

Lydia could not sit still. She paced up & down the the length of the living room in the house she still shared with her ex Aaron. He had fallen asleep about an hour ago around 8pm. Good. Because she was still so angry with him she would have probably killed him if he’d still been awake. She could not believe what he had done…came home right before dinner & announced that he’d quit his job. Just because he didn’t like it anymore. Really??? He made really good money, she’d been able to be off work for a while to look after their two kids during the day & not have to pay a sitter. She’d just recently started a new part-time job with a friend that she really enjoyed. Things were actually looking up…she was hoping to be able soon to get her own place finally. Now this. He’s such a selfish motherfucker! He doesn’t care, doesn’t think about her or the kids anymore. Not that she loves him anymore anyway but still…she can’t understand now what she ever saw in him. He’s always mad at the boys, yelling at them for no reason, just for being kids. AND he’s got his piece-of-shit dad living with them now…with him around it’s no wonder he is the way he is. OMG she was so mad…so angry she was almost crying when she heard a light knock on the door. Looking through the peephole she was surprised to see Kate. She quietly opened the door & let Kate know everyone was asleep. Kate was aware of Aaron’s temper so she would be as quiet as possible. She had been in the area & wanted to drop by…said she had texted but got no response so wanted to make sure everything was ok. That’s when Lydia broke down…she spilled the whole story as she cried out her frustrations. Kate held her friend as she cried knowing full well Aaron wouldn’t regret doing any of this. Hearing a noise they turned & startled they saw Aaron angrily walking towards them, yelling that they had woken him up & why couldn’t they keep the noise down. Of course this woke up the baby who began to cry…Aaron began yelling at Lydia to keep him quiet. At that point she’d had it. She began screaming at him & shoved him hard against the wall. He came back at her with a hard slap across her face…so hard it made her nose bleed. Kate felt as though she just saw this happen in slow motion & what happened next seemed like something out of a dream. She saw Lydia stumble as he hit her…she reached forward to stop her from falling and as she did the book she was holding fell to the floor. She’d forgotten about the card…the old piece of paper she for some reason was keeping as a bookmark…thinking she’d never need it again. As the book fell the card flew out and a few drops of Lydia’s blood splattered across it as it hit the floor. She & Lydia fell to the floor & as they both saw the card reached for it at the same time. There was a sudden change in the air, like a whirlwind, when she then realized what was about to happen. Aaron was yelling behind them as the wind shifted & they looked at each other in the eye speaking the words “Death Maiden!”


to be continued @ Death Maiden – Karma

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