Death’s Soulmate

*required previous reading Death’s Unspoken Desire

grim reaper 4

When He found her
she was nothing but a shell
so far from the girl He had known
but her soul was the same
He saw deep inside
all the scars
how many times
she had been used
and now
she belonged to Him
His soulmate
His perfect companion
He would never abandon her

A creature was in their midst
one who had hurt her
so long ago
His anger boiled
He begged her not to go
not to see
He wanted to destroy him
make him suffer
endless pain
but she wanted to watch
and Kieran was interested
He consented
they walked toward
the Great Room
held by two demons
the creature had been singled out
His rage was evident
this unfeeling being
shrank at His presence
seeing her there
in her Royal state
he trembled
He heard her laugh
and Kieran giggled
as this thing
lost control
of his bodily functions
Scythe was sharp
as his blade bit into flesh
leaving tiny rivers
of crimson fluid
running down his skin

demons surrounded him
flinging salt
covering his wounds
they rubbed it deep
into his skin
he cried out at the pain
his body shook
almost like magic
the wounds healed
but the horrible stinging
Scythe again
did his job
more cuts appeared
the salt
made it so much worse
he screamed in agony
He ordered everyone away
as He took this creature’s
face in His hand
stared into his eyes
burning deep into his soul
he shrieked as
his eyes exploded
releasing him
He took Scythe in His hand
his blade flew
like lightning
leaving the tiniest cuts
that would never heal
he was thrown on the ground
covered in salt
and as the demons
covered him
rubbing in deep
with their hands
his cries of pain
echoed loudly
in the hall

As they walked away
she took His hand
and smiled
no words were needed
her love
were clear in her eyes
He was hers
she was His

qoh 3

*to be continued Death’s Revenge

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