I Am Lust

Lust 2

What is it that you want?
Does it show on your face?
Do your friends know?
I do…
I know your deepest desires
buried in the darkest corners
of your mind
You won’t see me coming
I’ll hit you like a ton of bricks
when you least expect it
you cannot avoid me
You see her, so beautiful
The instant craving…intense longing.
You begin to breathe faster, sweat…
You try to control yourself
as your imagination takes over
you close your eyes
feeling her hot breath on your neck
her arms around you
breasts pressed tight against you
the image is stuck in your head
you feel that tightness
that deep pull in your loins
it’s all you can think of
teetering on the brink
the edge of madness
you move in closer
she turns & smiles
I’ve taken over
before you know what’s happening
you’re against the wall
kissing, roughly
her fingers digging into your back
gasping & moaning
as you slide deep inside
you can’t believe
it could feel this good
thrusting hard & fast
it’s all about the release
You shake your head
as your dream comes to an end
sheets wet with perspiration
and the evidence of your lust
one day maybe
she’ll realize how much you want her
perhaps she’ll want you
just as much
until then she’ll fill your dreams
it’ll make you crazy
You cant fight it
I’ll never let it end

lust 5

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