Death’s Revenge

*required previous reading Death’s Soulmate

grim 2

He sat on his throne…anger seething within him. Scythe was gripped tightly in his hand & crying out for blood, but knew this was not the time. Earlier he had sensed a change in her & seen her visibly upset…she didn’t want to burden him with her problem but she’d had a feeling something was wrong & traveled aboveground to learn the truth. Her sister had been horribly violated & abused by someone she’d trusted. She’d witnessed her lying in bed crying as her heart broke. How hard it was to see her beloved in so much pain & not be able to do anything for her. It had drained her emotionally & physically…she’d cried as he held her, falling asleep for the first time in weeks and now he sat there, plotting. An idea occurred to him and he rose, grinning as he walked the long hallways & the creatures there shrank in fear at his passing.

——————– < > ——————–

He was travelling far into the deepest, darkest corners of his realm looking for someone he knew could do the job. He thought of a name, “Nybbas”, and almost immediately he sensed his presence. He could feel his longing to be released and cause torment. Silently he delivered his instructions…he was not to kill this person but make him almost welcome death & inflict any manner of mental anguish. Laughing evilly the demon disappeared in an instant to pursue his given task. Heading back to the throne room he stopped to check on her…she was awake & still distraught. She’d slept for hours but it had been very restless. He sat next to her, arms around her & told her what he had done. He wasn’t sure if she would be angry with him but she laughed as she embraced & kissed him. He told her they could watch if she wanted and she happily agreed. He held her close as they sat together on his throne…he concentrated hard as they could see through the eyes of Nybbas & watch the scene unfold before them.

grim 3

Nybbas was fast…he flew through the woods and the nocturnal creatures shrieked as he passed by. He eventually reached the sprawling city and with the information given found the sister of his Mistress. Her sleep was disturbed with horrible images. Through them he gathered everything he needed to know about this vile creature who’d so viciously attacked her. He could see the physical & mental damage that had been left. It was not his normal way but he tried to set something on her to calm her dreams, set her mind more at ease. It seemed to work, her breathing relaxed & she slipped into a deeper, dreamless sleep. He stayed watching for a few minutes then set out for his target.


His house was not far away. Nybbas reached it quickly & slipped inside as this creature sat in front of his TV eating. He observed him quietly for some time…physically he was a handsome specimen & very strong. Good…maybe he’d get some fight out of him. He could see into his thoughts, everything that had happened with her and how he felt very satisfied with himself. He looked forward to destroying this one’s sanity. Felt he may as well start out with something small. Nybbas crept up behind him, breathing down the back of his neck. Startled the man quickly turned finding nothing there…there were no windows open so couldn’t have been the wind. Looking around there was nothing there & he turned back to the TV. Nybbas growled low right in his ear & the man jumped, knocking over his dinner & seemed visibly shaken. He stood there, turning in circles & looking everywhere to see where the sound had come from but found nothing. Nybbas crouched in the corner smiling as he watched the man clean up the mess he had made & get ready for bed. He watched him turn down his bed then head to the bathroom. Nybbas fixed the bed back & laughed to himself seeing the man’s astonished expression when he returned. He followed him closely as he went through his home checking every window & door to make sure everything was locked & in place…like that would save him. He seemed to relax a bit as he crawled into the bed & settled down to sleep. Nybbas could sense him drifting off and right before he fell into a deep sleep he knocked once, loudly, on the front door. The man awoke quickly & sat up in bed, again startled & listened for any other sound. He wasn’t quite sure where the sound had come from…maybe it had been some noise from the freeway but he waited a while before laying back down. Nybbas repeated this again twice and noticed the man’s agitation as he tried to go to sleep again. This time he accomplished the task but slept restlessly. Nybbas hovered over him in his bed casting a spell over him to make sure he would not wake until morning, no matter what happened. And then, he went to work.

nybbas 2

Nybbas sat in the corner waiting for the man to wake up & as he did he could sense his discomfort. He rose slowly as if his body was almost broken. He slept in the nude so Nybbas was able to see the physical evidence he had inflicted the night before & as the man caught sight of his reflection he cried out in shock. The left side of his body was covered in bruises, there were several scratches down his right thigh and small puncture wounds showed on his chest. He noticed dried blood on his leg that was coming from…his back? He turned & looked finding no wounds there and it was then he noticed the horrible dull pain in his…holy shit what had happened last night?? He vaguely remembered the feeling of discomfort he’d had before going to bed and the noises…had someone broken in? He slowly walked around and noticed the doors & windows were all locked as he had left them. The more he moved the more he noticed the aches & pains all over his body…and that one deep inside. He became very afraid…he went back to the bathroom & showered, washing all the blood off and as he scrubbed lower he could feel evidence of the torn skin that confirmed his fear of what had happened…there. He broke down & as the tears fell he tried to remember anything that had happened but he could not. Nybbas smiled as he watched him unravel…he leaned in close & whispered her name in his ear startling him even further. He sensed his Master watching & asked if his task was complete or should he continue. He told him he could do more if he wished & that his Mistress was enjoying watching him work. He decided to wait just a day or two…maybe let the man’s fears calm somewhat & start again.

pain 1

Nybbas waited 3 days. The man’s bruises & wounds were healing nicely…he hadn’t gone to the doctor just taken care of them himself as he was afraid of the embarrassment. He still had no clue what had gone on that night but as he’d been searching his house the next day found his flashlight under the bed…one of those heavy MagLites with the 10-inch handle. The handle was covered in blood and he noticed tiny pieces of skin embedded in the handle grooves. He’d started to cry again knowing full well what had happened but had no memory of it at all. Every time he’d had to go to the bathroom the last few days had been torture…the first time it was all he could do to keep from screaming the pain was so bad. He’d called off sick the last two days…she worked in the same building and with what had happened he was afraid to see her now. He’d been so confident with her & she’d seemed eager, inviting him in & ready to accept his advances but when she refused him at the last minute he lost control. He called her a tease & forced himself on her, brutally violating her as she tried to fight him off but he was too strong. He’d left her beaten, bruised & crying…he was a little ashamed but felt she deserved it for leading him on the way she had. That was the same night “it” had happened. He had concentrated hard on the events & all he could recall was a feeling of death, or some evil presence lurking. He felt nothing like that now but as he began to get ready for work he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. Spinning around he saw nothing but heard a dark evil laugh directly in front of him. He tried to strike this thing but his fists found nothing but air. He felt the strong hands clutch his shoulders as he was hoisted into the air & thrown onto his bed. He screamed as he felt himself pinned by some unseen force that howled & laughed in his face. He could smell it’s foetid breath as it sank it’s teeth into his neck. He struggled to break free but it was no use. He began to lose consciousness as he was flung on his stomach & restrained. He felt the bed shake as he looked behind him and saw the flashlight hovering in the air. He cried out, screaming & begging as the assault began, feeling as though he was being ripped apart before he blacked out from the shock & pain.

pain 2

Nybbas felt the man go limp as he continued. He wanted him to suffer painfully as he had made her suffer. He could still taste the man’s blood as he licked his lips & threw the flashlight to the floor. Someone had heard the screams and alerted the authorities. He had no fear of that & thought maybe he’d stay & watch but his work here was done. He turned the man over & with his talons he scratched deeply into the man’s stomach leaving her name there for all to see. He knew she would be questioned but he also knew she was out of town & they could pin nothing on her. As the police stormed into the man’s home finding him on the bed Nybbas stayed for a few minutes & left.

——————– < > ——————–

He arrived back quickly greeting his Mistress & bowed low before her…she was beside herself as she thanked him for his loyalty. He rose before his Master who congratulated him on a job well done and as a reward presented him with Freedom…a vacation of sorts to journey above ground and search for one pure soul of his choice to corrupt. No time limits but to return only when he’d succeeded. Nybbas shook with anticipation at the possibilities & thanked them both as he quickly disappeared. He took her hand as he led her into the void to check on her sister who had returned home. She had learned of the man’s misfortunes and had been told he spoke insanely of an invisible monster who attacked him. Currently he was residing in the psych ward at the hospital and it sounded as it would be a long time, if ever, before he was released due to his constant mad ravings. She smiled to herself knowing he could never harm her again, or anyone else. And as night fell a sense of peace settled over her as they left her content in her surroundings, safe at last.

me & grim 3

*continued … Death’s Soliloquy

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