Death’s Soliloquy

*required previous reading Death’s Revenge

grim 9999999
*A Date With Death

I sit in wonder
at the strange beauty
she brings to this place
this place of nightmares
it seems so much brighter
since she came
the blackness receding
into the farthest corners
of my mind
yet still
her maddening delight
in her surroundings
brings a chill of warmth
to my dark soul
I am witness to it
every day
these vile creatures
try to run
escape their fate
but her light
draws them nearer
she is a beacon
it is useless
they cannot stay away
it is their downfall
their ultimate doom
she is cause
for their suffering
and revels in it
without emotion
or remorse
oh how I love her

GRIM 9999
*Where Angels Fear To Tread

*continued … Queen of Hell – The Dark One

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