devastated 2

I used to love you once
at least I think I did
It doesn’t matter anymore
I don’t understand how you can still behave this way
How can you be so clueless & act like nothing happened?
Do you not remember how you embarrassed me last night?
At the party…in front of our friends
I was completely devastated
Even they were shocked but maybe you didn’t see it
You didn’t even notice I left
This isn’t the first time you’ve done this
You want me to be something I’m just not
Something I never will be
I can’t do this anymore
I’ve been crying all morning
All you can say is I’ll get over it
and laugh it off like you always do
I’m so tired
If you can’t deal with me as I am
Just say so
I’ll leave
But don’t make me pretend anymore
It’ll always turn out bad
Mostly for me

devastated 1

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