insomnia 1

I can’t sleep anymore
every time I try I feel them near me
that slight bump on the bed
whispers in the dark
why do they always wait til now?
I work all day
and get so tired
I just need to go to bed
but they won’t let me
I’ve resorted to lunchtime napping
in my car at the office
otherwise I’d go insane
they don’t seem to reach me there
and no amount of coffee helps
last night was the worst
I could feel their hands all over me
long nails scratching
pulling and tugging
kicking and screaming
crying does no good
I’ve booked a hotel tonight
just to get some rest
the room is so quiet
drifting off to peaceful slumber
sudden explosions in my head
jolt me out of my dream
laughing close to my ear
sends chilled tremors up my spine
they’ve found me again
jumping up & down on the bed
malevolent assholes
I can’t go on
they will never give me peace

insomnia 2

The Queen of Hell

Queen of Hell 3

unrequited reapings

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