The Messenger

the daily grind

exhausts Him

but He never sleeps

and works constantly

it’s a vicious cycle

someone has to do it

and He hates it

because people hate Him

they don’t understand

He’s not the cause

He’s just the Messenger

but still

they are afraid

they don’t want to see Him coming

because once they do

it’s over


The Queen of Hell

queen of hell 4

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unrequited reapings

The Spot

wall 1

She couldn’t stop looking at that spot on the wall. Every time she thought about it she’d stare at it for several minutes before glancing away. And it always seemed bigger.
When she first saw it across the room she thought it was nothing but a big bug. Walking over to smash its brains in she saw it was just a smudge, like a smear of dark charcoal in the corner of her bedroom. She lightly touched it, felt nothing odd so she ran her finger across it but nothing came off. She shook her head and walked into the kitchen, pulled a rag out of a drawer & some cleaner, tried to wash it off but it wouldn’t disappear. She frowned, her forehead crinkling as she walked away, trying not to think about it.
Waking up the next morning she noticed it had grown more…it was now about the size of a baseball and the center was slightly darker. Looking deep into it she almost felt as if she could reach right inside…like something out of a cartoon. But this was real life. Shit like that didn’t just happen. Still, she was afraid to touch it again. She tried a few times but always stopped before her finger met the wall.
Day after day the spot grew bigger…not by much but enough to be noticeable. After a couple of weeks it was almost bigger than a basketball, and occasionally she felt as if she heard noises coming from inside it.
She couldn’t even bring herself be in the bedroom anymore…she had no close friends or family in the area to stay with so she’d begun sleeping on the couch just to be away from it. Anything she needed out of that room she kept in the living room so she didn’t have to go in the room much at all. But she’d look at it, stare at it as she passed the open doorway. And she was terrified.
Later that night she’d come home from work and as she was walking to the bathroom she heard the voices again.
It was very deep, started low but as she listened it grew much louder. She was petrified but looked towards the bedroom wall and saw the spot was as big as a car tire. The middle was a swirling grey mass and she felt pulled towards it. Before she knew what was happening she was directly in front of it and as she stared into the center a face appeared! She screamed & lost all conciousness as the hands reached out to pull her into the void.

wall 2

The Queen of Hell

Queen of Hell 6

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unrequited reapings

Girls Night – A Collaboration – Friday Frights


I throw another log on the fire and watch the sparks fly up into the night air, joining the billion stars above.
Standing there, just breathing in the heavy scent of burning flesh and remembering how he screamed.
The fire sits in the middle of an empty field surrounded by thick trees. The Autumn wind is blowing and scattering the dead leaves all around. Some have gathered in small piles and I happily kick them towards the glowing pyre as I hear laughter behind me. My friends are racing towards me in their car and I laugh as I turn back to take in the glorious spectacle.
The large stake at the center of the inferno was burned black as the flames continued to lick the now charred corpse hanging limply from it. You couldn’t even recognize any of his features anymore. He had struggled quite a bit and it took all of them finally to tie him down. One of my friends suggested knocking him out, maybe with a hammer, but I said no. I wanted him completely aware during his experience. He had wronged my Sister and now he had to pay for it…so why not make a party out of it? And besides, who would miss him?

bonfire 1

I am suspicious when my sister texts me to ask me to pick up some beer and a snack on my way out to her secluded little hidey-hole. She rarely, if ever, drinks beer. I agreed of course, demanding those bitches be ready and snicker to myself when I read her extremely crude response. The girls are going to love this shit. The old woman glares at me from the driver’s seat of her 1977 Ford pickup and I pop the finger and squeal off as soon as the light turns green. That piece of crap was still puttering through the light when I blew the next one. What else can you expect from a Ford, no matter the age?
I arrive at her place with a car full of women, a trunk full of beer, snack and my camping kit. A girl just can’t be out in the forest without her equipment. There was no way I was traipsing through the orchard in these boots and dragging snacks behind me no matter how much whining they were doing. Fuck that. I would drive up to the fire pit in my car.
She sees me barrel-assing towards her and waves, dropping the axe on the ground and dusting her hands on the thighs of her jeans. Good. I would need her help to unload. Positive that the suspension in my pretty little car will be shot to shit at this rate and the beer would probably explode before we get to drink it, I cringe as I hear it jostling around in the back and rev the engine harder. The girls are laughing like maniacs at the litany of curses I was expounding. We bounce and I hit my head on the roof, and I let loose another explicative string of profanity that causes silence in the vehicle and that makes my sister clutch her belly in laughter when she hears me from the open window. No one had ever said that I didn’t have a colourful vocabulary.
The leaves blow and rattle like bones around my ankles when I jump from my Beast to give her a hug. The breeze has the slightest edge of winter on its breath, and the girls shiver slightly. It will be the perfect night for a fire. “Beer?” she inquires, her eyes focused on my trunk with hunger and I know its not the beer she wants but the snacks. I toss her the keys and she pops the trunk, stepping back with a gasp and a smile. I brought extra.

It was like she read my mind. I couldn’t help but stifle a guffaw at the sight of them…bound, gagged & practically lifeless, but not quite. Not yet anyway. All my sisters gathered ’round, practically drooling at the buffet in front of us & helped in getting them out of the car. I’d spent part of the afternoon arranging a sort of makeshift grill over one end of the pit where we could enjoy our dinner but not get too scorched ourselves. Food was always best when it was fresh so waited until they were a bit more lively before we began.
My Sister, our appointed leader, had picked up my axe and stood in front of the man who was struggling on the ground. She used it to push him onto the grates and as his skin started to bubble she shoved the woman up next to him. I smiled at her as we watched their skin blacken, took her hand and spun her around as we all began to dance around the blaze, singing at the top of our lungs.
Oh how I loved our girls night.

bonfire 3

**Girls Night is a collaboration between Carolyn Graham and Melanie McCurdie
@CarolynGraham 2015
@MelanieMcCurdie 2015

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 unrequited reapings

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the scent of you
lingers on my flesh
after you’ve gone
it makes me
almost high
from the heavy
I cannot bear
to cover myself
for fear it would
mask the fragrance
and so
I lie here still
in your essence
by the afternoon sun
beaming through the window
and dream
of your return



Queen of Hell 3

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unrequited reapings