The Spot

wall 1

She couldn’t stop looking at that spot on the wall. Every time she thought about it she’d stare at it for several minutes before glancing away. And it always seemed bigger.
When she first saw it across the room she thought it was nothing but a big bug. Walking over to smash its brains in she saw it was just a smudge, like a smear of dark charcoal in the corner of her bedroom. She lightly touched it, felt nothing odd so she ran her finger across it but nothing came off. She shook her head and walked into the kitchen, pulled a rag out of a drawer & some cleaner, tried to wash it off but it wouldn’t disappear. She frowned, her forehead crinkling as she walked away, trying not to think about it.
Waking up the next morning she noticed it had grown more…it was now about the size of a baseball and the center was slightly darker. Looking deep into it she almost felt as if she could reach right inside…like something out of a cartoon. But this was real life. Shit like that didn’t just happen. Still, she was afraid to touch it again. She tried a few times but always stopped before her finger met the wall.
Day after day the spot grew bigger…not by much but enough to be noticeable. After a couple of weeks it was almost bigger than a basketball, and occasionally she felt as if she heard noises coming from inside it.
She couldn’t even bring herself be in the bedroom anymore…she had no close friends or family in the area to stay with so she’d begun sleeping on the couch just to be away from it. Anything she needed out of that room she kept in the living room so she didn’t have to go in the room much at all. But she’d look at it, stare at it as she passed the open doorway. And she was terrified.
Later that night she’d come home from work and as she was walking to the bathroom she heard the voices again.
It was very deep, started low but as she listened it grew much louder. She was petrified but looked towards the bedroom wall and saw the spot was as big as a car tire. The middle was a swirling grey mass and she felt pulled towards it. Before she knew what was happening she was directly in front of it and as she stared into the center a face appeared! She screamed & lost all conciousness as the hands reached out to pull her into the void.

wall 2

The Queen of Hell

Queen of Hell 6

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unrequited reapings

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