labyrinth 11

I feel like I’m lost in a dream
no, a nightmare
someone out there is watching
but I can’t see them
it’s just a shadowy figure
in a darkened corner
and I can’t find my way out of this maze
the voices are sobbing uncontrollably
I can hear them clearly
but the sounds are empty and hollow
there is no one here
I see a dark and viscous crimson liquid
pooling at my feet
slowly dripping from my hands
the deep wounds at my wrists
now I understand
realization hits me hard
like a sledgehammer against my skull
this is my personal Hell
and I can see Him now
the Reaper is waiting
patient and smiling

reaper shadow
He is calling to me from the shadows
Scythe humming sweetly by his side
but they won’t let me go yet
my demons are so much stronger
I cannot shut them out
it’s creating a thick fog
clouding my fevered mind
and I’ve become blind
I have no recourse
but to stumble through this labyrinth
hands now groping for my feet
clawing away the flesh
until it feels as if I’m walking on glass
bones shattering underneath me
I cannot even cry
He seems so much closer now
I see His skeletal hand reaching out
He wants me
if I could only get to Him
I would be free of their torment
but they will not allow it ever
this is my eternity of unending torture
but if I could somehow reach Him
if there is just the slightest possibility
at least I have a goal
something to work towards
surely He wouldn’t be there
if it wasn’t possible

creepy 16


queen of hell 4

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unrequited reapings

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