creepy 34

I sit here quietly contemplating
barely breathing
my fevered brain
trying to decide
which road to travel
the age-old battle rages on
deep inside me
like a demon waiting
screaming to break free
her secret machinations
there is no silence there
I long to break the chains
loose her on the world
but such catastrophic consequences
horrifying atrocities
would surely mean my end
and not every person here
is as evil as she says…
or are they?
could she possibly
be telling the truth?
do they all secretly wish
that I would die?
are they all plotting
to kill me?
I have seen Him
the one you call Death
that lovely sweet fragrance
of nightshade
permeating the air
a regular visitor
to this place of nightmares
He has no want of me
not yet
the world is still waiting
for my bloody masterpiece

creepy 39

The Queen of Hell

queen of hell 4

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unrequited reapings

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