Night Whispers

He’s in my room again…that damn demon. Sitting on the trunk at the foot of my bed just staring at me night after night. I don’t know what he wants I just wish he would go away.

Michael is here with me tonight. I was hoping with him here maybe that little bastard wouldn’t show up but I was wrong. Mom has been worried about me saying I look like I’m not sleeping but I can’t tell her about it. Would she even believe me? I’m just a kid and she’d probably say it was a nightmare so what am I supposed to do? Michael was the only one I told…he’s my best friend and I knew he’d be the only one who believed me. But he is asleep…he can pretty much sleep through anything so it’s just me. And him.

Just laying here trying to ignore him is so hard…but wait. What? Now I’m hearing something. Do I even dare to look? Raising my head a little I see nothing on the trunk now. Glancing around the room slowly I felt ok like finally he’s gone…Michael was still snoring away. That’s when I felt the hand on my shoulder…a gravelly voice in my ear whispering “Just do it Jordan…kill him…do it!”

And the whole world went dark.

** dedicated to Jordan & Michael of JCARTS ARTS


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