Billy’s New Friends

Little Billy walked home from school that day, same as every day, past the old playground next to the abandoned church. Not sure why it was even still around…there were weeds everywhere and all the equipment was falling apart. Only one swing on the swingset was still intact. As he passed by he could hear the chains squeaking when the wind blew upon it. He wasn’t sure why but it creeped him out a lot. He wished he didn’t have to go anywhere near it but it was the quickest way home.
He had left school later than usual because Tommy was waiting for him outside the doors. Tommy was the school bully and he knew if he’d left when he was supposed to right after school he’d have been in really bad shape by the time he got home. It had happened before and he didn’t want to deal with that again so he waited, watching out the window till it got darker and he saw that Tommy had left. Walking past the playground now that night it was even scarier. The setting sun cast shadows on the ground and the swing creaked loudly in the early evening breeze. He suddenly had the strange feeling he was being watched…he then thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye but he was afraid to look back, then he heard a noise and turned around fast.
There was a doll sitting on the swing, one of those old baby-doll ones with a sort-of clowns face drawn on it. It hadn’t been there a second ago. He wanted to scream but couldn’t…he just closed his eyes & turned around. But when he dared himself to look back it was gone, only the swing was swaying and creaking. He heard an evil laugh coming from the old church then turned and ran all the way home.
He was in a panic by the time he reached his house, breathing hard and panting. No one was home yet but his older brother…he thought about telling him about it but he knew he’d just laugh at him & call him a cry-baby. As older brothers go he was pretty typical so he tried to put it out of his head. He was ok through dinner, doing his homework & everything else until he tried to go to bed later. Once all the lights were off and it was quiet, he could still hear the squeaky swing. Then he heard it again, that evil cackle right outside his window. He was terrified, afraid to move but forced himself out of bed and slowly peeking out the window he saw the doll in his yard. He stood there, petrified, as he saw its head move and it looked up at him, grinning wildly as he noticed movement behind it…and that’s when Billy realized the doll had brought friends.


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Fresh Is Best

pork chop

I sit and watch, mesmerized, my eyes slowly widening as I watch the pale flesh separate from the bone.
It sliced off so evenly, only a small piece falls to the floor so I stoop to pick it up and rinse it off in the sink next to the table.
Dark red stains my fingertips and palm as I turn it over in my hand, suddenly wondering what it may taste like.
I run upstairs quickly and return within a few minutes carrying a skillet, some oil, salt, pepper, a knife & fork and a plate.
I have a small hot plate down here in the basement but I don’t use it much really because there’s never been any reason to…until now.
I noticed her staring at me, her eyes slowly glazing over with fear and pain.
Not a word she says as I have taking care of that and removed her tongue. The only thing she can do is emit a low gurgle.
Smiling, I decided to cook the tongue along with the other and just make a regular dinner out of it. I think I have some salad upstairs too left over from last night to round everything out.
It’s interesting how the blood cooks, sizzling & browning a bit around the edge of the small puddle and it flips nicely when I turn the meat over. Pulling a bit of it away I let it rest on my tongue, savoring it as it melts away. I turn off the heat, not wanting to overcook it but not sure how to tell since I’ve never cooked human before. It smells a bit like hamburger. The tongue is thick and chewy but not bad, a bit hard to swallow though. The meat, however, is amazing. Crunchy around the edges but nice & tender, like cutting into a thick pork chop. A bit of muscle is still attached to it and it just adds a bit to the flavor. I just hope she doesn’t die anytime soon…the next bit may not taste as good. Everyone knows fresh is best.


The Queen of Hell

unrequited reapings

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I sat there quietly listening to him screaming from the other room.

He’d been wailing off and on for hours but I was tired and didn’t want to deal with him at the moment.
I sat up as the sounds softened to a low sob and rose off the sofa, slowly walking into the bedroom and stared at him with no emotion whatsoever.

I felt dead inside. Seeing him there, tied to the bed, covered in blood, a pickaxe burried in his right knee…there was no pity or emotion. I bore many scars…some on top of each other from his years of relentless torment. He had killed everything in me therefore his suffering meant nothing to me at all. His eyes widened as he saw me and he began screaming again, calling me every foul name he could think of but it had no affect. I sighed as I picked up a large meat cleaver and as I raised it slowly over his right calf he began to cry. I looked at him as he quietly whispered “Please…please Katie”.

“Please? How many times did I say that to you and you never stopped?” and my eyes glazed over as the blade fell.

queen of hell 4

The Queen of Hell

 unrequited reapings

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labyrinth 11

I feel like I’m lost in a dream
no, a nightmare
someone out there is watching
but I can’t see them
it’s just a shadowy figure
in a darkened corner
and I can’t find my way out of this maze
the voices are sobbing uncontrollably
I can hear them clearly
but the sounds are empty and hollow
there is no one here
I see a dark and viscous crimson liquid
pooling at my feet
slowly dripping from my hands
the deep wounds at my wrists
now I understand
realization hits me hard
like a sledgehammer against my skull
this is my personal Hell
and I can see Him now
the Reaper is waiting
patient and smiling

reaper shadow
He is calling to me from the shadows
Scythe humming sweetly by his side
but they won’t let me go yet
my demons are so much stronger
I cannot shut them out
it’s creating a thick fog
clouding my fevered mind
and I’ve become blind
I have no recourse
but to stumble through this labyrinth
hands now groping for my feet
clawing away the flesh
until it feels as if I’m walking on glass
bones shattering underneath me
I cannot even cry
He seems so much closer now
I see His skeletal hand reaching out
He wants me
if I could only get to Him
I would be free of their torment
but they will not allow it ever
this is my eternity of unending torture
but if I could somehow reach Him
if there is just the slightest possibility
at least I have a goal
something to work towards
surely He wouldn’t be there
if it wasn’t possible

creepy 16


queen of hell 4

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unrequited reapings



I can hear you out there

as I lie here drowning

you seem so far away

and all I want to do is

slip away


just ignore it all

but you won’t leave me alone



I can’t endure it anymore

the constant hurt


and fear

it’s too much

why do you even care?

no one else does

you probably don’t


let me close my eyes


queen of hell 4

The Queen of Hell

unrequited reapings

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The Messenger

the daily grind

exhausts Him

but He never sleeps

and works constantly

it’s a vicious cycle

someone has to do it

and He hates it

because people hate Him

they don’t understand

He’s not the cause

He’s just the Messenger

but still

they are afraid

they don’t want to see Him coming

because once they do

it’s over


The Queen of Hell

queen of hell 4

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unrequited reapings

The Spot

wall 1

She couldn’t stop looking at that spot on the wall. Every time she thought about it she’d stare at it for several minutes before glancing away. And it always seemed bigger.
When she first saw it across the room she thought it was nothing but a big bug. Walking over to smash its brains in she saw it was just a smudge, like a smear of dark charcoal in the corner of her bedroom. She lightly touched it, felt nothing odd so she ran her finger across it but nothing came off. She shook her head and walked into the kitchen, pulled a rag out of a drawer & some cleaner, tried to wash it off but it wouldn’t disappear. She frowned, her forehead crinkling as she walked away, trying not to think about it.
Waking up the next morning she noticed it had grown more…it was now about the size of a baseball and the center was slightly darker. Looking deep into it she almost felt as if she could reach right inside…like something out of a cartoon. But this was real life. Shit like that didn’t just happen. Still, she was afraid to touch it again. She tried a few times but always stopped before her finger met the wall.
Day after day the spot grew bigger…not by much but enough to be noticeable. After a couple of weeks it was almost bigger than a basketball, and occasionally she felt as if she heard noises coming from inside it.
She couldn’t even bring herself be in the bedroom anymore…she had no close friends or family in the area to stay with so she’d begun sleeping on the couch just to be away from it. Anything she needed out of that room she kept in the living room so she didn’t have to go in the room much at all. But she’d look at it, stare at it as she passed the open doorway. And she was terrified.
Later that night she’d come home from work and as she was walking to the bathroom she heard the voices again.
It was very deep, started low but as she listened it grew much louder. She was petrified but looked towards the bedroom wall and saw the spot was as big as a car tire. The middle was a swirling grey mass and she felt pulled towards it. Before she knew what was happening she was directly in front of it and as she stared into the center a face appeared! She screamed & lost all conciousness as the hands reached out to pull her into the void.

wall 2

The Queen of Hell

Queen of Hell 6

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unrequited reapings