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Hello everyone! Just wanted to make sure you were all aware I’m no longer posting on this blog. I’ve started posting in a different one & you can find me at … I’m still there as the Queen Of Hell so you’ll have no problem finding me …it’s a great group of writers so I hope you’ll enjoy it!

To Serve, Trust & Obey 18+

The Twisted Path Group

Excitement coursed through me as I fumbled with my garter. Sir had told me last night He was planning something special for us to do tonight…earlier He phoned and instructed me on what to wear. I’d gone to the closet & removed the little black dress He loved and the sky-high Louboutin’s that showed off my legs to their best advantage. I also readied my overnight bag…He’d never asked for that before and curiosity was getting the best of me as I only imagined what He had in store. It made me remember the bag He carried with Him as He left home that morning. I was ready & just re-brushing my hair when I heard the car pull up and then the door open. I gathered my bags and when I reached the front door stopped and stared as He stood there…stunningly handsome in His dark grey Armani suit.


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