If only…


She waited at the corner
Trying not to look around franticly
Hoping to see him again
She remembered every detail
The tiny wisps of hair along his forehead
Dark blue eyes
The hint of his strong jawline under that cute scruffy beard
His confident stride
Maybe she’d get up the nerve
To say hi
Smile at him
Maybe he’d smile back
Like she thought she’d seen a glimpse of that day
She’d been back so many times just hoping
She felt as if she’d been waiting forever

If only she knew…

He was already there
Afraid to move
Watching her
The way the sun played upon her red-gold hair
Her face as she said hi to strangers passing
Maybe they weren’t strangers
it lit up the sky when she smiled
He was so nervous
That first day he saw her he had froze
He thought she’d smiled at him
But it may have been someone else
No way to be sure
But he liked to think it was all for him
How long would he wait?
Could he break his shyness and try to talk to her?
His feet were pasted to the sidewalk

If only he knew…




One Of These Days

for two years I was your puppet
always there when you needed me
I’d do anything for you
I stood up for you
supported you
always had your back
against all the haters
you inspired me
motivated me
showed me I could be so much more
than I realized
but now you’re gone
like a ghost
vanished into thin air
without barely a word
for months
and it makes me wonder
if I ever really mattered to you
at all
but I still love you
I know I always will
and one of these days
you’ll regret saying goodbye


The Queen of Hell

queen of hell 4

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